Godcore Records

Before jumping into tapes I am working on, I wanted to highlight some other stuff that will also be featured on this website. The first is Godcore Records. It is basically Burrito of Moral Majority / 8 Ball Cholos fame putting out older music he was involved in. There have been some delays, but check out the line up of rare tapes seeing the light of day:

[​GCR001] Moral Majority – Live
[​GCR002] The Warning – A Virgin in the Midst of Whores
[GCR003] Conviction of Sin – Live
[GCR004] The Warning – Repent or Die
[GCR005] Conviction of Sin – US Decay
[GCR006] The Warning – Cut the Crap

As you can see, this is pretty in your face punk kind of stuff, coming to digital download stores all over the nets. Some of these are still on my want list, so I hope they get released soon. I also hope he can dig up other obscure underground punk releases by Association of the Cross, GVA, and maybe even The Bumpus Hounds.

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