The Barking Dogs – New Material

The Barking Dogs
New Material
1984 Broken Records (UK) (BRS 012)
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

John Bradshaw – keyboards
Alistair Coles – All guitar & vocals
Any Day – Drums

Side A

  1. New Material
  2. So Good
  3. Feelin’ Alright
  4. Alone
  5. In Silence

Side B

  1. I’m Like a Bomb
  2. Just a Man
  3. I’ve Been Falling
  4. The Garden
  5. Revelation

I brought this up as a “band with a weird name” and Doug pointed out they are not bad. Decided to throw them in. This is the kind of stuff that showcases why I love digitizing tapes. I guess the best way is to describe it as alternative, kind of keyboard and bass guitar heavy. Some rough edges, but they are definitely a “diamond in the rough” kind of band. Not the most awesome thing in the world by far, but something different played by a band that obviously knew what they wanted to sound like and went for it. English band I assume, or at least their label is (formerly located at this address actually). This is obviously not the American Broken Records. There is also an odd image of a Gnome on the record that says “Famous Gnome”. Not sure what that is about. Not finding much online, but that is to be expected with the fairly common band name and album title.

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