Aslan – Aslan

1990 (no label)
Clinton, Kentucky, USA

Side 1

  1. Tear Down the Walls
  2. Breakaway
  3. Open Your Heart
  4. Shadow of Your Wings

This one was rough – low song quality, loud hiss that got louder the closer to the music starting, and strange drop-outs suddenly in a few songs. MP3s were available of this one online at one time, and they were rough as well. Seems like this was the case across the board. Too bad – they do late 80s commercial metal well. It also sounds like it was recorded decently at one time, but maybe they decided to distribute a copy of a copy of a copy. This tape didn’t have a cover, but I have seen other images with a simple cover as well. Just means there was very little info other than a rural route address in Clinton, Kentucky about the band. They also have a slightly longer demo from 1989 called Tear Down the Walls that has “Tear Down the Walls” and “Breakaway” repeated from this one, with four different songs (“Take Me Back,” “Old Man Goin’ Down,” “Lost In The City,” and “TNT”). The line up for the 1989 (which probably shares some if not all of the same members as this 1990 one) was:

Rick Green – Lead vocals
Randy Heflin – Lead guitar
Bruce Chandler – Keyboards

Brian Harper – Bass
Rusty Clutts – Drums and percussion

Missing Information: Band members

3 Replies to “Aslan – Aslan”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I stumbled across your site. I can fill in the blanks a bit. Back in the time before we had YouTube and the internet. We had to send promo packs in the mail. These tapes were recorded as booking demos. And you are right. They were dubbed on a church tape duplicator. So the sound quality is a little less than we hoped for. Music was on the verge of going to CDs. So when we released the EP it was one CD. We got some US AirPlay but due to grunge killing the metal scene in the US. It mostly got more play overseas. Thanks for putting it out there again!!!


  2. My father was in the band. I have a CD with what is probably much better quality than the recordings floating around. I will upload them when I get my hands on them. Also have some live recordings.


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