Absence of Ceramics – One Last Guy Live in Stereo

Absence of Ceramics (AoC)
One Last Guy Live in Stereo
1987 RPC Records
Willingboro, New Jersey, USA

Thom Inglin – Vocals, guitar
Garth Kolbeck – Bass
Kenny Warner – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Video Prostitution
  2. Not a Dream
  3. Let It Be
  4. …But It Goes On…

Side 2:

  1. Darkening Sky
  2. Possible to Care
  3. By My Side

Absence of Ceramics (or AOC for this release) are pretty much a staple in the tape underground. Most people have heard of them, and most people love them. Despite what the title sounds like, this is not a live recording of some guy playing folk songs at coffeehouse. This is full band alternative rock – steeped in the 80s college rock that was popular at this time (with a good amount of jangly R.E.M. influence as well). No players are listed on this release, but this story about the band lists the members above, so I added them here. Thom Inglin is, as expected, the leader and voice of the band. All five of their albums are available on their BandCamp site, and they also have a Facebook page with lots of pictures, details, and rumors of reunion concerts. The songs on BandCamp sound much better than my rips, and this album comes with a bonus track, so buy it from them before you beg me for copies! 🙂

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