Spike – Asphalt Invasion

Asphalt Invasion
1991 Corpqii Productions (CPCS-18)

Spike – Vocals, acoustic guitars
Joe Hudek – Lead Guitar
Mike Talanca – Bass
Greg Yochman – Keyboards on “Celebration Day”
Jim Toti – Drums, keyboards on “Newwave”
Tom Eich – Bass on “You’re in Love with the Bomb”
Pam Talanca – Harmonies on “Seeking Shelter”
Lori McCabe – Additional guitar on “Snow Mountain”
Billy (Baron) Zalot – Trumpet
Ed Spectre – Electric Daddy

Tracks 2-6 recorded in 1981
Tracks 1, 8-11 recorded in 1983
Track 12 recorded in 1987

Side 1:

  1. City Portrait (Prelude)
  2. Snow Mountain
  3. Old or New
  4. Seeking Shelter
  5. Celebration Day
  6. Newave

Side 2:

  1. Sold Out
  2. Thankx
  3. In Love with the Bomb
  4. Voices
  5. The Song That’s Never Heard
  6. City Portrait

This one was a lot different than I expected from Corpqii – early home of the experimental weirdness of Marc Plainguet and Chris Yambar. This album is an eclectic collection of styles. It starts off with an acoustic folk track and then switches to several tracks with a full band that goes from lounge to cheesy rock to new wave on side 1. Side 2 is all acoustic folk songs again, ending with the last song that is hard rock. Of course, once you look at when the tracks were recorded, you see that this strange collection of songs came from different time periods. In 1981 Spike was apparently into rock of various kinds (including new wave), in 1983 he switched to acoustic folk, and in 1987 he went hard rock. Not sure when track 7 was recorded – 1991 maybe? It sounds like it pretty much goes along with tracks 8-11, so possibly 1983. Anyways, I really liked “Newave” and   “City Portrait” (the hard rock track). The other tracks were good for their styles, just not always my thing. Cover art by Chris Yambar. Spike also has at least a few other releases: Alive and Ticking (1989), Save the Children (1991), and Three for One (1993) that I gave not heard yet. This page would seem to indicate that maybe Spike was Terry McCabe – as the tree Spike albums are there along with a McCabe album called Asphalt Invasion? Hmmmm….

Missing Information: Who is Spike? Terry McCabe?

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