Flower Mouth – Love Letters for the Blind

Flower Mouth
Love Letters for the Blind
1993 Ton Def Records
Portland, Oregon, USA

Damien Jurado – Voice, guitar
Dana Jill – Girl voice
Andy – 4 & 6 string guitars, drum programming
Jim – 12 string guitars
Karen Allen – Keyboards

All songs by Damien Jurado
Cover by Jesse Sprinkle and Space Cowboy

  1. Love
  2. Billy
  3. She’s so in Love
  4. Sad Boy – Happy Girl
  5. Belief

Early album by a band led by Damien Jurado that would also release at least one more tape (1995’s Sticky Sick). I was never a huge fan of Damien Jurado, but never really hated his music either. His off-key vocals are not for everyone, but they have found an audience with many people. See the last song on this demo (“Belief”) for an example of how they work the best. This early demo showcases where he started to develop his sound – a bit more standard 90s alternative here than his later work, but with several distinct Damien Jurado-esque flourishes that would become his staple on later projects. You can listen online or purchase a copy for a dollar or more:

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