Ted Worthless – A Time for Fear

Ted Worthless
A Time for Fear
1988 Worthless Records (WR-070)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Ted Worthless – All music, lyrics, vocals, drums, guitars, bass, keys – except:
Echo – Drums on “Tuesday’s Child Awakened”
Scott Roman – Lyrics on “The Pain Can Sometimes Kill”

Side 1:

  1. The Pain Can Sometimes Kill
  2. Trauma
  3. Tuesday’s Child Awakened
  4. Theme of the Red Lion Inn

Side 2:

  1. Tea & Cookies
  2. Tranquiliser
  3. Trinidad
  4. CF7 (Tricks I Can’t Explain)
  5. The Mary’s Song

This is an interesting piece of history from Ted Worthless, of No Laughing Matter and Worthless Records fame. The sound is a bit hard to describe – somewhere between alternative and gothic. It sounds dark, brooding, and a bit muddy. The vocals are hard to make out. But it is oddly compelling as well. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that like things off the beaten path, it is one to look for. This release is listed as Ted Worthless solo release #3 – there are at least 5 numbered solo releases from Ted. I have heard #2-5 (will add those in the future), but have never heard #1. Worthless Records was active online for a while, but went silent about two and a half years ago. They did re-issue some old classic underground stuff there while they were open.

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