Christian Image – Jerusalem Attack

Christian Image
Jerusalem Attack
1989 (no label)
Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands

Lillian V – Vocals
Dorothe V – Metalized Violin
Laszlo H – Guitars

Side 1:

  1. We are Hier in the Name of Jesus
  2. Nightriders
  3. Lightriders
  4. God Loves Siouxie
  5. Jesus is the Way
  6. You’re Made out of Glass
  7. Jerusalem Attack
  8. Lord, Why?

Side 2 (“Live in Utrecht”):

  1. We are Hier in the Name of Jesus (live)
  2. You’re Made Out of Glass (live)
  3. Nightriders (live)
  4. Imagine Heaven and Hell (live)
  5. Power in the His Name (live)
  6. We are Hier in the Name of Jesus (live)
  7. Stand Before Your King (live)
  8. Encore (live)

Christian Image was fairly well known as an industrial / gothic band in the Christian tape underground. Key Records still sells a later demo from 1990 called We Cast out the Devil. I’m not sure if they are industrial on purpose, or sound industrial because they use a drum machine. The guitars sound like an industrial band, so I would go with that. And yes, you did read that correct above: metalized violin. It is played kind of like an instrument or lead guitar throughout the album, giving the band an original sound. Key Records refers to their style as “Harsh Dutch Gothic Rock” and that is pretty accurate. They also have another demo from the same year called Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell Which One Do You Choose? The second side of this tape was just labeled “Live from Utrecht”, but I have labeled the live songs as best I can (tracks 5 and 7 were a wild guesses). A review of We Cast Out the Devil from The Cutting Edge magazine also describes them well:

“Psychedelic, modern dance gloom rock in the vein of Joy division, Bauhaus, Laurie Anderson and England’s Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. Swirls of moody, thick synths, balanced by controlled guitar, all under-girded by metalized violin. The vocals, adequate and eerie, kinda echo over the music, creating a listening experience not unlike the best of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar excursions or the musical ideas that slash out from Captain Beefheart’s best work on “Trout Mask,” “Decals,” and “Doc at the Radar Station.” Also close to the sound from “Monstor” by No Laughing Matter. Some tip of the hat to industrial doodling can be found here. Lyrically evangelistic. A sonic blast taking you to the fringes of Christian experimentation.”

You can also find some lyrics and reviews in (I am assuming) Dutch here:

Missing Information: Names of songs on Live sing, last names of band members.

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