Billy Penn’s Brother – Power Blocs / Mustard Seeds

Billy Penn’s Brother
Power Blocs / Mustard Seeds
1990 Torn Curtain Records (RIP C003)
Brixton, England, United Kingdom

Richard Nicholson – Vocals, acoustic guitar, high strung, mouth harp, tambourine, songwriting
Johnny Pacitto – Electric Guitar
Kirsti Reeve – Flute
Dave Markee – Electric bass, bass fiddle

Side 1:

  1. Who Loves You Baby?
  2. Song for Annette
  3. Oh Danny Boy
  4. To Kiss a Fool
  5. A Golden Bell is Chiming
  6. In a Daze

Side 2:

  1. The Ten O’Clock News
  2. O Savage Land
  3. Going Down to Jericho
  4. Death on the Installment Plan
  5. Delusions of Grandeur
  6. You’re Beautiful

Billy Penn’s Brother Returns with a fuller band outing after the one man show of Coals of Fire. Of course, this is still acoustic folk music – the added instruments give it some added depth and cultural connection here and there. Nicholson addresses a wide range of topics, from tragedy to love to politics to culture. You can read about many of these various topics in detail in this review on CrossRhythms. I assume this is his third demo (since this is release RIP C003 and the last one was RIPC002), even though I can’t find what the first one is called. I do know that two years later the band was expanded to Billy Penn’s Brother & The Telephone Church for their 1992 release Ruckus in Real Time. Just not sure what happened after that.

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