Weeping Willow – Tarnish

Weeping Willow
1993 Flat Earth Artists
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Brain Reavis – All lead vocals
Jon Rousseaux – Programming, vocals
Phil Lovelady – Guitars, vocals, screams

All lyrics by Brain Reavis, all music composed by Phil Lovelady, Jon Rousseaux

  1. Curse
  2. Ignore
  3. Dark
  4. Home Tonight

I have been looking for more information on the Flat Earth Artists, not only because they produced Love Coma and Sixpence None the Richer, but because they were also down the road from where I grew up (okay, a few hours down the road in the Austin/San Antonio area, but still). I got this one in a trade, and was pleased to find out this was a Flat Earth Artists release. I thought I noticed some similarities with fellow FEA band Situation Taboo, and sure enough – Phil is in both bands. This is guitar-driven industrial with plenty of samples and a bit darker tone. But it also contains that kind of trippy, out there quality that made Situation Taboo so cool (just a bit less trippy).

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