Talking Drums – Demos

Talking Drums
1983 Sticky Music (GUMM 009)
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Carol E. Moore – Lead vocals
Charlie Irvine – Guitar, vocals
Dot Irvine – Keyboards, vocals
Stewart McEwin – Bass
Derek Clark – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Warring Couple
  2. Compromise
  3. No Surprise
  4. Reassembly of the Heart
  5. In Two Minds

Side 2:

  1. What Do You Want?
  2. Why Won’t You Stay?
  3. Missing
  4. Slipping

Talking Drums were an alternative/new wave/synth pop UK band that went on to release a full length album called Reassembly in 1985. “Reassembly of the Heart” and “What Do You Want?” from this release of “demos” made it onto the full length. I put “demos” in quotes because these are well-recorded songs that really don’t sound demo quality. The tone is a bit more urgent than music typically is in the genre, but that actually works well here. Also of note is that Dot and Charlie were a part of Lies Damned Lies along with Steve Butler at this time as well. Both Talking Drums and Lies Damned Lies signed with major labels at later points. Not to mention that Sticky Music grew from a vehicle for demos and self-released music to a full-fledged label. In many different ways, it seems like this band/label/etc were a hit, but since it was in the UK… I wouldn’t know. Maybe someone from across the pond can chime in about how known or unknown Talking Drums actually was? There is a very informative story of these bands and Sticky Music for the music history buffs out there.

8 Replies to “Talking Drums – Demos”

  1. Does anyone know of a copy of this tape (in particular the song “Missing”)? I saw Talking Drums live at the University of Birmingham in about 1985 and bought a copy of the cassette but it was later damaged and, so far as I know they never recorded the track anywhere else.


  2. Would love to hear this for the book I´m writing about synthpop made by christians but it seems like an ITF item. Where did you find it? There was also an earlier cassette from 1982 called “Fighting to the finish”, also ITF.


    1. I bought that one but really like an MP3 copy of the demo cassette for the book as well. Did you also play the drums on the “Fighting to the finish” cassette (interested in MP3 here as well if possible)? Am I correct you left before the “Reassembly” album? I have been in brief contact with Charlie Irvine but it seems he haven´t had the time to answer the questions I sent him quite a while ago. Maybe you can? Please contact me in that case. My email is robertdothaake@bredbanddotnet or PM me on Facebook.
      All the best/ Robert Haake


  3. Putting the finishing touches on a discography of Scotland’s New Wave (1977–84). If anybody has a full-resolution scan of this insert, I’d love to hear from you. For print, so it has to be a 300 dpi jpeg at the highest quality setting. Or better, of course.


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