The Faith Injectors – Demos

The Faith Injectors
FI (“Live” Demos)
198? (no label)

  1. Being a Christian
  2. A Christmas Song
  3. King Jesus
  4. I’ve Got Better Things to Do

This is an obscure punk band from the early underground Christian punk days that probably most of us wouldn’t have heard of if it wasn’t for the efforts of Jeani Bond. So all I know here comes from her 🙂 These songs were probably mostly considered “live” because they were recorded live to tape in a living room or garage. The release date is also unknown, but it is probably before 1986. Additionally, there is no information on who was in the band, if there were other demos, or even if all of these songs came from the same demo (the first three were in one collection, and I am not sure where the fourth song came from). Really, I am putting this up here in the hopes someone from the band will stumble upon it and fill in the details. The style of punk here is typical middle ground 80s punk (not new wave or power pop, but not skate or gutter punk either), with vocals that are usually shouted or spoken. ”King Jesus” is a cover of the worship song “King Jesus is All” by Charlie Hall. I’m not really even sure if this is supposed to be called “FI (Live Demos)” – I just saw that in an old magazine once, and thought I better include that just in case someone searches for it one day 🙂 You gotta admit – it is a great name for band.

Missing Information: Release date, band members

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