Rescue – 2000 Years Later

2000 Years Later
1983 Maranatha Multimedia
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Rick Craven – Lead and background vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizer
Fred Covyeau – Lead guitar
Andy Howard – Fretless bass
Mark Spaulding – Drums and percussion
Vince Covyeau – Drums and percussion

Side 1:

  1. Breathing Air and Hanging Out
  2. Kicks
  3. Time Thoughts

Side 2:

  1. Hot Night in the City
  2. No More of the World’s Plans

Another rare vinyl to cover. based on the awesomeness of the Jesus is the Truth single, I tried to find if there was anything else by Rescue. The only thing I managed to unearth was this 5 song 12-inch vinyl ep. How does it stand up to the previous single? This ep seems to lean more towards the hard rock of “Get Right” than the Misfits-inspired punk of “Jesus is the Light.” Both songs on side 2 have a distinct new wave influence while at the same time leaning more towards punk. “Time Thoughts” even gets pretty close to being heavy metal. Of course, being a Detroit band in the early 80s, I would assume they were heavily influenced by the 80s garage rock revival – maybe even the growth of the garage punk movement as well. So why two drummers? Not sure – Vince is listed but there is no picture of him. “Kicks” is a cover of the Paul Revere & The Raiders song. I can’t find any information about them online, so this may be the only spot they will ever be remembered.

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