The Free Zone – Political Asylum

The Free Zone
Political Asylum
1987 Cheep Records (CHEEP 004)
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Pete Scarlett – Drums
Tim Thwaites – Other instruments, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Nothing Less
  2. Not the Only One
  3. Showdown
  4. Benefit of Hindsight

Side 2:

  1. Rather Say Goodbye
  2. Promise
  3. I Saw Your Face

This demo is a lo-fi alternative music effort by a duo – one drummer and one multi-instrumentalist. Or maybe one keyboard player? I’m not sure if I hear much guitar on here. Maybe some buried in the background, but it seems that Thwaites did a lot on keyboard, especially the bass. That is an interesting combination – usually these underground one-man efforts would have programmed drums and maybe a friend joining on guitar. But live drums is a different twist. Some might not get the DIY sound here, but I have always liked to listen to people that basically put together a whole tape with just one or two people. They called their record label “Cheep” for a reason :). One review of the band referred to them as “techno punk” – not so much punk music style as punk attitude, but is seems to be a good description. This was the second of three projects – the first was called Larger Than Life (same year but earlier), and the follow-up to this one was Mammon in 1990.

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