Krush – Lost

1997 (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

Phil Castillo – Guitar
Frank Citriniti – Drums
Eddie Gomez – Bass
Dave Meriweller – Vocals
Lou Tamagni – Guitar

Side 1:

  1. Lock and Load
  2. Lost

Side 2:

  1. Beside Me
  2. Old Man

This is the same Krush that recorded Welcome to Paradise in 1999 and Sindrome in 2002. I had kind of expected this to be more of the groove metal / numetal that they were later known for. But it was actually more on the heavy metal side. You could chalk that up their sound developing over time, and I would agree that may be the case. But this was out in 1997, and the sound was closer to what the metal scene was doing in 1993 – at least, the parts of the scene that were not trying hard to be grunge. Of course, I say that, and then “Lost” starts playing, and it is pretty much a slower grunge song. But then “Beside Me” roars back with a good commercial metal hook that would have ruled back in the metal hey-day. Beyond that song, a little more groove could have helped this demo, as it is not bad just feels a little “heard this before” throughout each song. “Lost” and “Beside Me” made it onto their first full-length Welcome to Paradise in 1999.

Update: Matthew Hunt reminded me that Phil Castillo was also in the early metal band Crossforce. I had heard that a long time ago, but didn’t make the connection while writing this review out. Thanks Hunt!

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