Cricket – Brown Cow

Brown Cow
1995 (no label)
California, USA

Possible band members:

Mike Holt – Lead vocals, bass guitar
Cliff Powell – Guitars, BGVs
Mike Peirce – Drums

  1. Here, There, Anywhere
  2. That’s All
  3. Wrapped Around You
  4. Not My Friends
  5. Trust in Me
  6. If They Said
  7. Kite/Home
  8. Minds
  9. Dad
  10. Call It Luck
  11. Cryin’, Cryin’, Cryin’
  12. Jet Plane (Lifesavers cover)
  13. (I Can’t) Depend on You
  14. Take It Away
  15. Miserable Sometimes
  16. Your Style
  17. [untitled]
  18. Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams cover)
  19. Coupleskate (Joe Christmas cover)
  20. Makes Me Wanna Sing / Reason for the Season (Stryper covers)
  21. We Got the Beat (The Go-Go’s cover)
  22. In the Ghetto / Suspicious Minds / Skinny Skins (Elvis Presley / Michael Knott covers)
  23. Merry Christmas, I Don’t Wanna Fight (Ramones cover)

This is the band that ended up evolving into The Huntingtons. However, their exact discography is a bit mysterious. This tape has songs that are on other Cricket demos, but not always in the same order they are on those tapes. I really don’t know if this tape was a collection of older demos that was called Brown Cow, a dub of an actual demo called Brown Cow with a bunch of other songs added, or what. There could actually be a Brown Cow demo out there with a real cover. Or this could be the real demo. You never know in the underground scene. The sound here is fast and sloppy punk rock, leaning slightly towards the pop punk side. Of course, The Huntingtons had a major thing for The Ramones, and you can hear that influence clearly on this demo as well. Also, a lot of these songs are covers of other songs. Some appeared on a few compilations back in the day. This demo was a trade, and the person that it came from took the best guess they could on song titles. Guess that just means Cricket dudes will have to put out a collection and set the record straight 🙂

Missing Information: Who played on this, if all the song titles are correct, if there was a cover, and if this was the real format of the demo or a dubbed copy.

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