Man & Hammer – Skeletons

Man & Hammer
1988 Jeru-slam Records (JS008)

David Joo

Side 1:

  1. Skeletons (second version)
  2. Sad Eyes
  3. Noise for Toys
  4. Skeletons (third version)
  5. Running
  6. Skeletons (1st version)
  7. Beginning Again / Tomorrow
  8. Epedemic
  9. Evolution Today

Side 2:

  1. Look into the Mirror

I have tapes Man & Hammer tapes (Just Say Noise! and Translation of Emotion), so I thought I had them all. But this demo and another one (Not Dead) showed up in the box. And looking at the numbering system for Jeru-Slam Records, there could be even more. This seems to be mostly distorted guitar played in eclectic ways over drum machines and/or found noise and samples. Some songs have spoken word vocals, others are instrumental. These were basically lo-fi one person projects by David Joo, who also worked on other projects like Hellfire. Most of the Jeru-Slam tapes had some kind of designed cover – even if lo-fi. This tape doesn’t, so I wonder if it is a pre-release and there is a cover out there, or if this is it?

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