Man & Hammer – Not Dead

Man & Hammer
Not Dead
1989 Jeru-Slam Records (JS013)

David Joo – Music, vocals, songwriting, recording

Side 1:

  1. Hang With Me
  2. Rock the Nation
  3. B.I. K.G.B. C.I.A.
  4. Maffia (All the Same to Me)
  5. Alice Through the Windowpane
  6. Family Part 1

Side 2:

  1. Crackhouse
  2. Abortion
  3. Mirrors of the Soul
  4. Hip Hop This Train
  5. Not Dead
  6. Amazeing Grace

This is the fourth overall album by Man & Hammer that I have heard – but I am not sure how many total there are. Man & Hammer is the one man project of David Joo (who also went by Squid). This tape continues in the same vein of noise/industrial music. As you can tell by the cover, there is a bit more of a hip-hop sound here – some of the noise is scratching and other hip-hop related found noises. There seems to be a bit more of an electronica beat here and there as well. And, of course, a lot of samples and “found noises” as I call them (recordings of every day sounds and noises). Mis-spellings in the song titles above represent what is printed on the cover.

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