JLP – Remnants

1993 (no label)
Upland, Indiana, USA

Dan (Cecil Baromawitzc) Baltzer – Vocals, guitars, sitar
Don (Skippy) Wilson – Drums, tablas
Randy (Bob) Dillenger –Bass, backing vocals


  1. Candy Coated
  2. No Fear
  3. Home Today
  4. Patient Love


  1. Peace Chyld
  2. Jesus Claus
  3. Madison Avenue
  4. Giving Tree

JLP pretty much encapsulates what underground alternative/college music was in the early 1990s. What does the name stand for? Who knows – they give you a chart to make your own version. Everyone in the band is given a nickname, and then on each track their “instrument” is given a new nickname (“bass-o-rama,” “skin taps,” etc). Their address even points out that they are at Taylor University. The tape doesn’t even have side 1 or 2 – side “Moss” and side “Joel.” The music is pretty typical college alternative rock, with a bit of a funky/groovy sound and lots of attempts at humor. They remind me of Hokus Pick Maneuver at times. Definitely a trip down memory lane for me… but with new songs that I have never heard before. The last track stands out, as it is based on sitars and trippy Indian music.

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