Stephanie Loro – Demo

Stephanie Loro
1988 (no label)
Glendale, Arizona, USA

Stephanie Loro – Vocals, instruments?

  1. Out in the Night
  2. Born Again
  3. Judgement in the House

This tape was a bit of a surprise. As you can see above, there is not much to the cover. I was expecting some cheesy CCM attempt at pop or adult contemporary at best. Maybe a weak attempt at rock. What is actually here is a solid new wave DIY demo. No other people are listed, so it could be Stephanie playing all of the instruments on a keyboard. It is still a demo and has some rough spots, but the songs here would clean up nicely in a studio. The third song in the weakest, but the first two more than make up for it. I basically took a risk on this one – and it paid off.

Missing Information: Did anyone else play on this?

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