Divine Child – Demo

Divine Child
199? Unity Records
Lakeland, Florida, USA

  1. Come Unto
  2. Incense and the Rainbow
  3. Song of Deliverance

Another bit of a mystery with this one. The only two people listed in the credits are Kyle Griener and Carla Jones, but are they working with the band or part of the band? The world may never know. Well, actually – thanks to a later track they had on an HM sampler in 199, I was able to find out that this band changed names to Denison Marrs once they got signed. You might have heard of them. And Kyle and Carla were not in the band, just apparently managers. No date on this tape, either – but it is clearly 90s alternative/grunge rock, with maybe a few hints of shoegaze in the mix. They play well – you can see why they were signed. They also released a CD called Every Seven Minutes in 1998 before changing names. The cover is actually a silver hologram that just looks blue-ish when scanned. My guess is that it was a hologram sticker that was attached to card stock, with the band name hand lettered on the side with a paint pen. Remember those? I have created a GIF of the hologram effect below.

Missing Information: release date, who played on this?

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