Double Check – Shake It Down

Double Check
Shake It Down
1989 (no label)
Weedon, England, United Kingdom

All instruments and voices by Andy and Joy Clark

Side 1:

  1. Cold
  2. Strike Back
  3. No Way
  4. I Don’t Understand
  5. Go For It

Side 2:

  1. Don’t Stay Away
  2. Forgive Me
  3. So Badly
  4. Wake Up (It’s Obvious)
  5. Start Over

This is a two person project – either a married couple or a brother/sister combo. The sound seems to be in the dance/pop range, but with some pretty aggressive guitars. Also, the first song is written by D. Donovan. There is a song called “Cold” on the first Back to Jordan demo that I have not heard, so I wonder if this is the same song? If they covered a Back to Jordan song for the lead track, that gives this a whole new outlook. I wonder if the goal was to create something more alternative, but limited instrumentation held it back? Interesting. Regardless of that, I would still label this in the rock category instead of dance or pop. There seems to be a few demos before this one (as the tape lists this as DC3), but I am not sure where they went after this.

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