Matrix – Silent Madness

Silent Madness
1985 (no label)
West Point, Kentucky, USA

Dale Thompson
Troy Thompson

Side 1:

  1. What Must I Do?
  2. Fright
  3. Rebel on the Run
  4. Song Master
  5. Look at Me Now

Side 2:

  1. Mirror, Mirror
  2. Child of Dreams
  3. Fly Away
  4. Melissa
  5. The First Will Be Last

This was the third of the four Matrix demos that they released before signing to Pure Metal records and changing names to Bride. There has been a lot of confusion over these demos, as several CDs have been released claiming to be the “complete” collection of Matrix demos… when they were not. I finally got my hands on the actual tape and made a rip myself, since all of the collections out there tend to be wrong in some ways. The style is early 80s heavy metal, not too far from what they recorded on the debut Bride album. The cover for this is actually a standard picture from a normal camera that was cropped down to size – and no liner notes. It seems they might have used different images for different copies. “Fly Away” and “The First Will Be Last” were re-recorded for Show No Mercy. “Fright” and “Look at Me Now” were both released as bonus tracks on the Silence is Madness re-issue from 2000, while “What Must I Do?” and “Fright” made it on to the M8 release The Matrix Years. “Melissa” was also on the 2014 collection The Matrix Years by Retroactive Records – but it was a different version that sounded more like late-80s Bride than Matrix.

Missing Information: Who all played on this demo?

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