Living in Canaan – 7 Song Demo

Living in Canaan
7 Song Demo
1990 (no label)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Kris Alan Rogers – Lead singer, rhythm guitar
Kevin Bromberger – Lead guitar, background vocals
Keith Newberry – Bass
Valerie Hopkins – Drums/background vocals

  1. Sweden (Had a Dream)
  2. When the Son Comes Down
  3. Double-Minded Man
  4. Stand Fast
  5. Testament
  6. Shades of Gray
  7. Wanna Be Like You

Living in Canaan continues to impress with more moody alternative rock on this demo. I am not sure if this one came out before or after their shorter demo. This one was recorded in August of 1990, so I would guess this one is the later one. This demo seems more moody or emotive than the other (previous?) one. If that is possible. Since there are no repeats between the two demos, there are enough songs between the two to make a full-length 12 song CD. But it doesn’t seem like they were able to do that. Unfortunate.

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