Seven Day Jesus – Demo

Seven Day Jesus
1994 (no label)
Huntington, West Virginia, USA

  1. George
  2. Light
  3. I Can’t Help
  4. Bag O’ Nails
  5. Salut Ça Va
  6. Fiesta

This is one of the early demos by Seven Day Jesus (followed by Sustenance in 1994 and another S/T demo in 1995). All of the songs here except for “I Can’t Help” and “Fiesta” seem to also be on Sustenance (with a few more songs added). But these two songs are only on this demo it seems. To be honest, the recordings of the common songs here sound almost exactly like the ones on Sustenance. This may be an earlier version of Sustenance. The bands early grunge-inspired-but-still-different sound is in full effect here. Of course, we know they went on to sign on with 5 Minute Walk and then Forefront Records. This was another trade that I am just now getting around to reviewing.

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