Tribe of Dan – Git Down, Thrash It – Live

Tribe of Dan
Git Down, Thrash It – Live
1990 Mister M Records
Combs, England, United Kingdom

Dan Donovan – Lead vocals, guitars
Ali Byworth – Drums, background vocals
Del Currie – Bass & Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. It Means Nothing
  2. I Just Want
  3. Only Love
  4. Touch

Side 2:

  1. Beast of Lust
  2. So Dirty
  3. Away From Here
  4. Cooking Pot

This is the infamous Tribe of Dan and it is a live album. They seem to be even more intense and urgent live than they are on tape. But they also prove they can bring it on the stage as well as they can on the albums. Tribe of Dan had their own twist on alternative rock that they referred to as “swamp rock.” “I Just Want” and “Beast of Lust” ended up on their full-length Shook Up Shook Up. Some songs like “So Dirty” and ”Touch” were also Back to Jordan songs (there are probably others, but I haven’t heard the Back to Jordan S/T first demo yet). The last two songs are also from their first demo The Beeb Tapes.

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