Absence of Ceramics – Surgery

Absence of Ceramics
1991 Crass Records
Willingboro, New Jersey, USA

Thom L. Inglin – Guitars, vocals, bass guitar, drums
Garth Kolbeck – Bass guitar, vocals, guitars
Keni Warner: Drums, Vocals

Side 1:

  1. Inseparable
  2. Heart
  3. Ostracized
  4. Faces
  5. Deadly Arms
  6. Rope

Side 2:

  1. Running Away
  2. Mirror
  3. Working Title
  4. Sculpture
  5. Soul Surgery
  6. Just Come Home
  7. Mister Danger

This is the last of the Absence of Ceramics albums for me to purchase digitally, and their last complete album as well. Chalk was a lost 5th album, but I believe it was a collection of pre-production recordings that would have become that album. This is also the only album on their BandCamp site that does not come with surprise bonus tracks – but I guess at 13 tracks long, they put them all on the album. I actually own this one on tape, but I got the digital files just to have a cleaner version. The sound is still 80s alternative rock as on past releases, but you can hear the 90s alternative influences showing up all over the place as well. The music scene evolved, and so did AoC.

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