Spike – Three for All

Three for All
1993 Corpqii Productions (CPCS-26)
Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Terry McCabe and many others

Side 1:

  1. Neverending
  2. Why Isn’t Love Made to be Easy?
  3. Seeking Shelter [alternate version]
  4. Silent Struggler

Side 2:

  1. Newage
  2. Norman (Tribute to Larry Norman)
  3. Storm Warning (live at Land’s End 1981)
  4. Just Fallin’ (with Wonderchild in 1977)
  5. Dance

Spike is Terry McCabe, and this tape is a collection of songs from various sources. Side 1 is acoustic songs that would most likely fall into the Jesus Rock category – some folk, some medieval, some country rock, etc. But all acoustic based. “Silent Struggler” does have some trippy keyboards in the background. Side 2 starts off with a new wave song about New Age religion featuring help from Marc Plainguet and Chris Yambar. Then it is back to a couple of folk tunes, then a classic hard rock song, and finally a song called “Dance” that is… not dance music (another acoustic tune). “Seeking Shelter” and “Newage” are also on his 1991 demo Asphalt Invasion.

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