Ed Englerth’s Linear Action Band – Hit the Wall

Ed Englerth’s Linear Action Band
Hit the Wall
198? (no label)
Hastings, Michigan, USA

Ed Englerth – Lead vocals, BGVs on “Steal Your Heart”, bass, acoustic guitar, guitars
John Heald – Drums, BGVs, lead vocals on “Steal Your Heart”
The Frog – Lead guitar
Jim Erdman – Screams & shouts on “Stop Making Sense”
Roland Sunkins III – violin

Side 1:

  1. Hit the Wall
  2. Stop Making Sense
  3. At Night
  4. Bitter Mind
  5. I Can Go to You

Side 2:

  1. Injustice in a Fallen World
  2. Talk Show Metaphysics
  3. Mistaken Identity
  4. Where are We Now
  5. Steal Your Heart

At first I wasn’t sure what this was, so I put it aside into the “no idea” pile. But then I found out that Ed was a member of Armada and Preston, and that members of Xalt helped with this as well… so I decided to give it a spin. There is some 80’s-alternative U2 influence here and there, but mostly I would say this goes into the hard rock category. Unfortunately, the tape was a bit chewed up and stretched out towards the end of side 1, so a couple of songs were hard to listen to. No date on this one, but my guess would be mid-80s based on the sound, as they mix alt and metal in ways that would have only happened in that time period.

Missing Information: when was this released?


One Reply to “Ed Englerth’s Linear Action Band – Hit the Wall”

  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ed a few times over the years. He would show up at C-Stone and we would chat. He would always give me a new tape or cd to listen to. This was one of them. Wish I still had it. Ed had a creative yet accessible sensibility to his music and he was as thoughtful as they come. This was a fun tape to hear.


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