Latter Rain – Latter Rain

Latter Rain
Latter Rain
1986 (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

Jef Rising – Guitar, vocals
Shannon Bafford – Keyboards, bass
Ernesto Longoria – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Trapped and Engaged
  2. Holy of Holies
  3. Surrender the Pride
  4. Two Hearts

Side 2:

  1. So Many People
  2. Won’t Be Alone
  3. Are You Ready
  4. Satan I Resist

I thought I had heard this one, but then I realized I had heard a Latter Rain from 1976 that was early Christian rock. This demo was from 10 years later and is a different band and style. This is traditional heavy metal from the mid 80s. The first song is a lot slower than the typical mid-80s metal album opener, but the second songs kicks into gear more. The sonics are a bit rough and muffled, but you can still hear it mostly fine. Just turn up the volume a bit, right?

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