Erin Peacechild – Erin Peacechild

Erin Peacechild
Erin Peacechild
1988 Key Records / Bloodless Sacrifice Communion Records
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals and instruments

Side 1:

  1. About Erin Peacechild
  2. The Least of These
  3. Dethdoor Introduction
  4. Industrial Generation
  5. Excerpts from Hellfire
  6. Ecstasy
  7. Hellfire
  8. U2’s New Year’s Day
  9. Song for Timigen
  10. Under the Sun
  11. This is for You
  12. Metaphysical
  13. Human Fear
  14. Amazing Grace
  15. When I Awoke This Morning
  16. Shall the Voice of the Prophet Die
  17. Ecstasy
  18. Ivory Statues
  19. Let the Voices Flow Within Me
  20. Is It Not Written?
  21. I Climb the Stairway
  22. Birth of Venus
  23. Satisfaction Satisfaction
  24. There is Hope [new version]
  25. Keyboard Playtime

Side 2:

  1. DeathDoor (parts 1 and 2)
  2. You’ll Never Make It
  3. Banshee (Hear the Cry)
  4. Running (007 Type)
  5. Reflections on This Tape
  6. Life in Suburban-land 1
  7. Suburban Rap Song
  8. DeathDoor (part 3)
  9. Childhood Bliss
  10. Random Samples
  11. There is Hope
  12. Prayer
  13. Keep Your Vision
  14. Army of Martyrs
  15. I’m not a Neo-Nazi
  16. All the Earth Will Vomit It’s Degenerates
  17. Moaning and Groaning
  18. Scottie Talks About the Orthodox Church
  19. About Erin Peacechild
  20. Death is an Open Door to Me
  21. One’s Death
  22. How God Works in Mysterious Ways
  23. Prayer for Mercy
  24. Children’s Prayers and Songs
  25. This My Family
  26. Industrial Generation and Dedication to Erin

This tape basically serves as a compilation of all of Scottie Joel Cooper’s work up until this point, with some new tracks added. This was released jointly with Key Records, so it probably saw some circulation in the tape underground. None of the tracks here are named, so I did my best to match the names here with those from past projects. In some cases it was hard, as some tracks have been split up into smaller pieces and spread out. It was a long process to digitize this one, as each side is 45+ minutes long. Since many of the songs on here are a tape copy of a tape copy, there is significant tape buzz on most tracks. But every one of Cooper’s solo tapes, Dethdoor, and Timigen are all represented here – along with many new tracks such as a rap track set to a Michael Peace accompaniment track.

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