Spike – Alive and Ticking

Alive and Ticking
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

Spike (Terry  McCabe) – Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar
Joe Hudek – Lead Guitar (tracks 1-5)
Mike Talanca – Bass guitar (tracks 1-5)
Jim Toti – Drums (tracks 1-5), keyboards on “Newave 82”

Lori McCabe – Acoustic guitar on “Seeking Shelter,” background vocals on “Newave 82,” voices on “Voices”
Greg Yochman – Keyboards on “Celebration Day”
Pam Talanca – Harmony vocals on “Snow Mountain”
Tom Eich – Background vocals on “Newave 82,” synth on “Silent Struggler,” bass on “In Love with the Bomb,” voices on “Voices”
Chris Yambar – Background vocals on “Newave 82,” voices on “Voices”
Billy Zalot – Trumpet
Larry Placer – Electric and acoustic guitar on “Silent Struggler”
Rick Beckett – Voices on “Voices”

Side 1:

  1. Old or New
  2. Snow Mountain
  3. New Wave ’82
  4. Seeking Shelter
  5. Celebration Day

Side 2:

  1. Sold Out
  2. Thankx
  3. In Love With the Bomb
  4. Voices
  5. The Song That’s Never Heard
  6. Silent Struggler

So this is the first demo by Spike (aka Terry McCabe). If the songs titles here sound familiar – it is because all but one of them re-appear two years later on 1991’s Asphalt Invasion. Asphalt Invasion adds a prelude and closing song both called “City Portrait.” The only song on this demo that is not on Asphalt Invasion – “Silent Struggler” – is also on 1993’s Three for All. I will need to go back and see if the songs on here are different versions of the ones on later demos – I seem to remember those being more acoustic-based, while this one has a good amount of rock, alternative, and (of course) new wave. I still love the song “New Wave” – just wish there were a lot more like it. That is not knocking the other songs – there are good songs in other styles on here as well. I would have just liked a full new wave album by Spike is all.

Update: after comparing them, I believe the songs on this tape are the same versions as the ones on Asphalt Invasion. “Silent Struggler” seems to be a similar, but slightly different version of the one later on Three for All.

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