The Cry – What It Means to Be

The Cry
What It Means to Be
1988 (no label)
Austin, Texas, USA

Chris Wright – Guitars, harmonicas, lead vocals
Melvyn Goveas – Bass, vocals
Andy Koehl –Keyboards, vocals
Jim Echels – Drums, vocals

Side 1:

  1. There is One
  2. Just One Way
  3. Distant Change

Side 2:

  1. Greater Love
  2. Walk Away
  3. What It Means to Be

I actually have a personal connection to this tape that I don’t have for most of the others I cover here. I didn’t go to church growing up, but went to random services and events here and there. Somehow I ended up at Lutheran student conference called Glorybound in Austin Texas on November 23, 1990. One of the bands they had playing there was Austin’s The Cry. I went to their concert for a bit, but did the typical teen thing of goofing off with friends. I do remember they put on a tight show, but thought I would never hear from them again. In college I got into Christian music and ran into The Cry again when they put three songs on a Light From the Underground compilation. After much searching, I came across this demo, which was recorded a few  years before the time I saw them live. I don’t know if they put out any more demos, but this one is very high quality. U2 is an obvious musical reference, but there are really many other moody alt-rock influences from Sting to The Alarm here as well. One important note is that “There is One” was included on Doug Van Pelt’s Cool Tunes compilation. Their later compilation songs were better, but these still shine as well. I don’t know if the members went anywhere else after this, which is a crying shame if they didn’t.

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