Crazed Bunnyz – T.W.D.N.R.T.P.A.C.T.R.I.

Crazed Bunnyz
1989 Corpqii Productions

Futch – Guitar
Gadget – Electronic bass
Shaka – Vox
Boxx – Drums

Side 1:

  1. The Message
  2. Killing of a Race
  3. Shine, You’re Scrambled
  4. Physical Distortion
  5. Interview (Part 1)

Side 2:

  1. Interview (Part 2)

This is basically the very first demo recording by the Crazed Bunnyz (before Achtung: Musik Klirrfaktor) released after they were done, with an interview by Chris Yambar added. The interview was apparently also after the band was over. The recordings are rough, with a noticeable tape hiss. But they still manage to capture the general avant-garde feel that the Bunnyz were known for. “Shine, You’re Scrambled” is heavy influenced by Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalized” to me, but I could be wrong. The interview is a very long, detailed look into the Christian Underground at the time mixed in with a lot of the extreme evangelical mindset of the time. I would guess both Marc and Mike don’t really think this way anymore – its pretty judgmental in many places. But there are also some good tidbits about the evolution of their various projects, and some mentions of other obscure bands like Dead to Sin.

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