Billy Penn’s Brother / Calvin’s Dream – Heaven

Billy Penn’s Brother / Calvin’s Dream
1992 Sticky Music
Heaven, Scotland, United Kingdom

Side 1:

Richard Nicholson – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, mouth harp
Charlie Irvin – Lead guitars, backing vocals
Dot Reid – Piano, backing vocals
Steve Butler – Bass, backing vocals, piano on “Scream”
Eddy John – Drums, percussion

Sugar for Ma Honey – Rhythm programming on “Scream”
Northstar – Rap vocal on “Scream”

  1. When the War is Over
  2. Taki to Treblinka
  3. Melon
  4. Walk on Water

Side 2:

Dougie Gay – Vocals, guitar
Simon Halliday – Guitars
Rachel Morley – Bass, vocals
Wilf Taylor – Drums

Ken Nisbet – Additional vocals
Dot Reid – Additional keyboards

  1. Guilty
  2. Come Down Love
  3. Struggle
  4. The Waiting Room

This is an interesting split tape called Heaven by Plankton Records. Side 1 is Billy Penn’s Brother, with four songs from Ruckus in Real Time. Billy Penn’s Brother played an excellent form of roots rock/alternative rock on their album, and this is four of the best. Kind of The Call meets Midnight Oil. I have heard all of those songs before. The real treat for me was side 2, which contains all of the songs from The First EP by Calvin’s Dream. I have been looking for this demo for a while, as I have their Fanatical CD and really like it. There is no liner information on the tape, so I had to pull some info from online. Also, I don’t know if these are the same versions of the songs as on the actual EP – but I pulled the information about this tape off of the website that was created by the person that collected all of these tapes I am digitizing, so that means I probably will see the actual tape soon enough. Until then, if someone has full scans of the j-card and tape from The First EP, I would love to see it. The sound is basically high quality alternative rock with a late 80s roots rock influence as well as an early 90s college rock influence. A lot of bands were doing this sound, just few were this good.

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