Craig Erickson – Demo

Craig Erickson
1990 (no label)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Craig Erickson – Guitar, all instruments?

  1. The Open Road
  2. Riff-Groove
  3. Fast Lanes
  4. When Night Ends
  5. Airborne

This demo seems to answer the question of what Craig Erickson was doing in after the first two Red Sky demos (Time is Running Out in 1987 and Today is the Future in 1988). This demo is instrumental guitar shredder music. And Erickson can play! There is no information on this demo, but I am assuming that all instruments were by played Erickson. Unlike Red Sky, this is all instrumental. Also, if you are familiar with the guitar shredder genre, this is not fully heavy metal like Red Sky is – the songs are mostly written to show off guitar skill. Erickson shows that he has the ability to shred while also skillfully writing music as well – not all shredder guitarists could do that. It seems he went on to release one more Red Sky demo after this (World Crashing Down in 1991) and then pursued a solo career after that.

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