Red Sky – World Crashing Down

Red Sky
World Crashing Down
1991 (no label)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Joey Martelle – Vocals
Craig Erickson – Guitar, bass, keys
Kerri Horak Collings – Drums

  1. (Intro) Sunset
  2. Red Sky Tonight
  3. World Crashing Down
  4. Surrender
  5. Morning

Third and final demo by Red Sky? There is a big gap between this and 1988’s Today is the Future, but it seems that Erickson was releasing solo instrumental demos in between the two demos. This was the year before Erickson released his debut solo disc Roadhouse Stomp for Blues Bureau Records. As with his last demos, this one represents a jump forward in song writing and sonic quality. But it is also their shortest demo so far – only three full length songs, with a 30 second intro and outro listed as “songs” as well. Neoclassical shred metal that shows why Erickson was also signed by other labels like Roadrunner Records.

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