L.E.D. – Mother Goose as Boo

Mother Goose as Boo
1986 (no label)
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Billy Sutherland

Side 1:

  1. This Ain’t the First Time
  2. I Really Like the Way You Dance
  3. Star Light Star Bright
  4. Sometimes

Side 2:

  1. On Top of the World
  2. Hooray for Hollywood
  3. Three

I wasn’t sure what to make of this tape until someone mentioned that the only person named on the tape was friends with Matrix/Bride back in the day. I should have recognized the style of the tape label – Matrix, Bride, White Ray, etc all looked like that. They must have all used the same service/person? The first song has a bit of a new wave/mod vibe until the raging metal guitar solo. The second song has the feel of a lighter ZZ Top song, with flourishes of hard rock. Overall, the songs bounce between alternative rock, rock, and hard rock. But they do a good job, and this style-jumping was a thing in the mid-80s. I would say this is overall alternative rock. No song titles are given, so I went with what is repeated most often in the chorus of each song. The faux Asian accent at the beginning of “Hooray for Hollywood” is painful, and would have been considered “racially problematic” even back in the mid-80s. Also just not sure what it adds to the song. Just a weird thing to do in an otherwise good demo tape.

Missing Information: Song titles, who played on this?

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