Dog Baby – The Incredible Fart Post

Dog Baby
The Incredible Fart Post
1996 That 1 Record Co.
Fountain Valley, California, USA

Matt Bailey – Bass, vocals
Jesse Nason – Drums, vocals
Gary Tucker – Guitar, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Convalescence
  2. Almost Nothing

Side 2:

  1. Just Friends
  2. Knee Slap
  3. Carpet

Finally a bucket list item checked off! Well, not really. But this was a mystery from back in the day for me finally solved. I remember seeing an image for something called “Fart Post” in the corner of an ad in HM magazine back in 1996. I had no idea what it referred to. A few years ago in a Facebook discussion we found out that Dog Baby had actually named their demo that. Yeah, that is at least a “Top 10 Worst Album Names” award right there. It was also strange that after releasing a full-length CD called Donut the year before they would go back to tape – especially in 1996. Ethereal Soul did the same thing about this time. Speaking of Ethereal Soul, that is a good sonic comparison here. Dog baby was a funk metal band like Dig Hay Zoose, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hot Pink Turtle, etc. To my ears, they sound a bit like a cross between Don’t Know and Sage (from the Artcore comp). One of the members mentioned on Facebook that there was a demo before Donut and a second full-length album, but I have found no clue as to what those are.

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