Divine Right – Your Rock & Roll

Divine Right
Your Rock & Roll
1990 (no label)
Rensselaer, New York, USA

Kevin Brandow – All instruments and vocals, except:

Dave Brennan – Drums on “The Gavel”
Matt Larkin – Vocals on “I Want You”
Ed Kilgallon – Piano on “Here I Am”
Frank Minissale – Guitar solo on “Age of Awakening”
Dave Hoffis – Vocals on “Freedom”

Side 1:

  1. Your Rock & Roll
  2. Too Hot to Touch
  3. Freedom
  4. I Want You
  5. Age of Awakening

Side 2:

  1. When It’s Over It’s Just Begun
  2. The Gavel
  3. On the Rise
  4. Here I Am
  5. Neon Philosopher
  6. Sneakin’ Around

I believe this is the third demo from Divine Right / Kevin Brandow. As with the past demos, almost all of the instruments and vocals were performed by Brandow. This demo sees a slightly longer list of guest vocalists and instrumentalists here and there (but also a lot more songs as well). All of the songs here made it on the …So Far CD in 1991 (re-recorded I am assuming). The drum machine sound is also stronger here than in the past, but the songwriting is so good you tend to not notice it.

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