Brussel – Slowdown

1992 (no label)
West Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Ian Stewart – Lead vocals, guitar
Les Driscoll – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Mike Randon – Drums, backing vocals

  1. Fluorescent Hat
  2. Slowdown
  3. Fire

British band Brussel (former Brussel Spaceship) really want you to know that this was a demo that was recorded live. They repeat some form of “demo tape” or “live demo” or whatever all over the cover and tape. Good to know, but honestly the sound quality here does not sound like it was live or a demo that much. So no need to make it known. Anyways, this is quality early 90s alternative rock. This was something like the bands 6th release, so they had the 80s alt thing down in the past. They seem to have made a good transition to some 90s alt here – with a bit of funk added in here and there. I don’t think they recorded much after this release, unfortunately.

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