Ted Goodwin – Intuitively Obvious

Ted Goodwin
Intuitively Obvious
1991 (no label)
Orlando, Florida, USA

Ted Goodwin – Synthesizer, drum machine, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, miscellaneous voicings, various mangling and manipulations of tape, assorted heavy machinery

Side 1:

  1. The Age of Reason (Part 1)
  2. Intuitively Obvious
  3. Destructive Tendencies
  4. Heart Over Mind
  5. Almost Clear
  6. Just the Facts, Ma’am
  7. Believing
  8. I am Joe’s Brain

Side 2:

  1. Multiple Choice (Option A)
  2. Multiple Choice (Option B)
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Imprisoned Spirit
  5. Return to Reality
  6. Unspoken Words
  7. It’s All There for You
  8. Hidden Truth (IAJB Reprise)
  9. The Grand Assumption
  10. The Age of Reason (Part 2)

If you can’t tell by the cover, this album is a little bit different. Technically, it is almost all instrumental electronic music, but more new wave/alternative in nature. “It’s All There for You” has vocals. Buried in the middle of side 2. I hate to say Tangerine Dream as a comparison, because that still covers a lot of ground. Anyways, if you can imagine a new wave electronic band existing in the 1990s that did instrumentals, you would have the sound here. However, song lengths are all over the place – from 59 seconds to over 11 minutes. So at times there is a prog-ish long song “repetitive-but-then-suddenly-change” feeling to some songs.

One Reply to “Ted Goodwin – Intuitively Obvious”

  1. Well, I have to say I was surprised to come across this review. Here’s some info for the record:

    I made 50 copies of the tape, and maybe 5 of them went to potential reviewers; the rest went to friends. How you ended up with a copy I can’t imagine. (BTW, in the mid ’90s I came across a copy of it in a local thrift shop. I guess one of my friends didn’t want it.)

    Some years ago I made a CD version of the tape. Basically the same artwork, but I retitled a couple of tracks, corrected a couple of performance errors, omitted the song with vocals (which wasn’t sung well), and added a brief hidden track at the end. I have a few more recent works on CD as well, mostly better (and less strange) than this one. Whether these would interest you, I don’t know.

    PS: Unsurprisingly, the address and phone number given on the cassette cover are no longer valid.


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