The Quiet – This Dreaming

The Quiet
This Dreaming
1987 (no label)
Wellington, New Zealand

Belinda Bradley – Voice
Martin Robinson – Voice
Ashley Lienert – Guitars, bass
Bill Wood – Guitars, bass
Mike Yates – Drums
Perry Bradley – Sax

Side 1:

  1. Catch Your Heart
  2. Radio Silence
  3. With You, With Me

Side 2:

  1. Videophony
  2. News of the World
  3. O Babylon

The Quiet is a slightly alternative band that is mostly straight ahead rock. It’s just kind of jangly-pop enough to make it interesting to the less tribalistic alt fans, kind of like Jacob’s Trouble. The male and female lead vocalists trade off from song to song. Throw in a little bit of saxophone here and there, a bit of reggae, and a few other 80s standards, and you have the sound here. I don’t really know much else about this band beyond this release.

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