The Popsicles – Songs from “Kim Fowley’s Hollywood Confidential”

The Popsicles
Songs from “Kim Fowley’s Hollywood Confidential”
1980 GNP Crescendo ‎(GNPS 2132)
Orange County, California, USA

Mark Krischak – Lead guitar, lead vocals
Anthony Mario Denuccio – Guitar,vocals
Tristen Beamon – Bass guitar, vocals
Eric Watson – Drums, vocals
Scott Sneller – Keyboards, vocals

  1. Secret Rendezvous
  2. Endless Teen Party

This is not really a release per se as much as a focused look at two songs on the Kim Fowley’s Hollywood Confidential compilation. You can buy these songs on iTunes and other digital outlets. Who are The Popsicles you may ask? They were a power pop band fronted by Mark Krischak of The Lifesavors fame before he converted to Christianity. They recorded a 7-inch single and rose to local fame on the Sunset Strip Club scene in L.A. They came to the attention of Kim Fowley, who had them record three songs (“Let’s Kiss” being the third one that was not released here). The two songs on this compilation are catchy power pop – even though “Endless Teen Party” has a noticeable disco influence. This is definitely music from a band that could have been huge, but it seems that bad management and religious conversions got in the way. There is a very interesting documentary about the band, as well as how Krischak became involved in the Lifesavors, on YouTube. I will add that to the The Popsicles band page when I get that up. I just bought these two songs from iTunes and decided to add them here. You can also find their single and a full bootleg concert on YouTube – I will add posts for those when I get a chance.