Point Blank – Live Demo

Point Blank
Live Demo
1986? (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

  1. Raining in Paradise
  2. What is a Human Being?
  3. Scared Stiff
  4. Don’t be a Pious Punk
  5. You Decide
  6. Don’t Fight
  7. (preaching)
  8. Gotta Create
  9. He’s Calling You
  10. Don’t Try Suicide
  11. M.B.
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

While this is labeled as a demo, I’m not sure if it got much distribution outside of small circles. My guess is that it was recorded right after they recorded their ’86 demo, as the song “Don’t Try Suicide” is referred to as a new song and it is not on their ’86 demo. The rest of the songs are all on the demo, with only “What’s So Fun About Getting Drunk” and “God’s Not Dead” not on this tape (there are some gaps in the recording, so they could have been played that night and not recorded). The recording levels are a bit rough on this one, even for bootleg standards. Also note that this is a different live demo than the 1985 Live at the Vineyard demo.

Missing Information: who played on this?


The Churchills – Lines of Innocence

The Churchills
Lines of Innocence
1986 (no label)
Christchurch, New Zealand

Chris – Voice
Darren – Guitars
Simon – Bass
Fraser – Drums, Percussion

Side 1:

  1. I Saw a Man
  2. Tear Me in Two

Side 2:

  1. Micah
  2. Seeing is Believing

This was a random pick that someone wanted to hear out of a stack of tapes to be converted. Neither one of us had heard of this band, and there is nothing about them online that I can find. Turns out it is an interesting mid-80s alternative rock band. I would make rough comparisons to 9 Red Roses, The Lonely Now, Blue Trapeze, and other bands with heavy influences from The Church, U2, The Alarm, etc. Since the band didn’t give last names, and their name is too generic and also taken by other bands, I know nothing about what happened after this demo. I would assume it is their first demo due to the CASS 001 number they gave the release. Guess they were expecting to release over a hundred releases?

Point Blank – ‘86

Point Blank
1986 (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

Mitch Wilson
Bill Power

  1. (Don’t You Be a) Pious Punk
  2. He’s Calling You
  3. What’s So Fun About Getting Drunk
  4. God’s Not Dead
  5. Raining in Paradice
  6. What is a Human Being
  7. Scared Stiff
  8. Got to Create
  9. No More Blood
  10. Don’t Fight
  11. You Decide
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

For those that didn’t know, this is one of the first bands that Bill Power of Blenderhead fame was in. Apparently the band was first called “Pontius Pilate & The Pious Punks,” but decided to change their name to Point Blank right before releasing this demo. If I remember correctly, they didn’t release anything under the earlier name. At one time, this was available for purchase on BandCamp, but I can’t find if it is any more or not. Anyways, this is mid-80s punk rock – a bit alternative here and there, a bit skate rock here and there, but still punk rock. This was also pre-pop punk, so all of the tough edges that pop punk smoothed out are on full display here. A nice bit of early Christian punk history here. Also of note is that there are several different color versions of the cover – they probably printed it up on a pack of various colored pieces of paper.

Stephen Wiley – Rappin’ for Jesus

Stephen Wiley
Rappin’ for Jesus
1986 Brentwood Contemporary (C-5053)
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

Stephen Wiley – Rap vocals
Mike Barnes – Keyboards, drum programming on “Rappin’ for Jesus”
Gary Lunn – Bass, drum programming on “Let’s Praise (Psalm 150)“
Tim Akers – Additional synthesizer overdubs
Damiyon Everly – Human beat box on “Rappin’ for Jesus”

Produced by Stephen Wiley and Mike Barnes

Side 1:

  1. Rappin’ for Jesus
  2. Let’s Praise (Psalm 150)

Side 2:

  1. Rappin’ for Jesus (accompaniment track)
  2. Let’s Praise (Psalm 150) (accompaniment track)

This is one of the earliest Christian rap releases out there – Wiley had one more before this (a single called Bible Break), and there were a few others like MC Sweet that came before this. Also note that there is a 7-inch single from 1987 for the song “Rappin’ for Jesus” that contains the regular version of the song, a radio version, and two audio commercials for the song as well. The sound here is still early rap (or electro rap as some call it). Also, for those that think the whole “accompaniment track” thing is weird… it was a thing back then. Maybe still today – I have no idea. But the intent was that people could take these tracks to youth groups, schools, street corners, etc and perform their own versions of them. Other acts did this as well (like the Rap’Sures). Wiley followed up this single with the full length Rap It Up in 1988.

Castaway – Original Soundtrack Part 1

Original Soundtrack Part 1
1986 Plan 7 Dist. (P7D-003)

Castaway (Mike Futch) – All vocals and instruments

Side 1:

  1. Castaway (Main Title)
  2. The Void
  3. Technicolor Wreck
  4. Thundertown
  5. Dream of You

Side 2:

  1. Chill Me
  2. The Fall
  3. I Told U So
  4. The Mountain
  5. Castaway (Ending)

For those not in the know, this is a solo project from Mike (Bing) Futch of Nutty Faith / Crazed Bunnyz / Johnny Quest fame. This is the first of at least three parts to this series of solo tapes. The sound here is a bit more mellow than the Crazed Bunnyz, but still with the quirky, out of the ordinary sense to it. The songs are also still electronic based – probably with less guitars than other projects. I don’t think this was actually a soundtrack to any real TV show or movie – I think it was Futch writing music for an imaginary movie. But I could be wrong.

Marc Catley – This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock

Marc Catley
This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock
1986 Plankton Records (PCN115)
London, England, United Kingdom

Marc Catley – Vocals, acoustic guitar on “Help Me”
Paul Donnelly – Keyboards, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, drum machine
Jeremy Cooke – Keyboards
Alison Donnelly – Vocals

  1. Love
  2. Write Your Will on My Heart
  3. Help Me
  4. Peace
  5. The Answer
  6. New Life
  7. Hosea

This is a rather rare tape by Marc Catley – apparently his first for Plankton Records. He would go on to do several eclectic/progressive/alternative collaborations with Geoff Mann, as well as his own various bands. As the title suggests, this is mostly acoustic music, with a few other instruments thrown in here and there. The only places this tape gets close to rock is in the upbeat songs “Love” and “Hosea” (this one with some cool spacey keyboards), or possibly the electric guitar-augmented “Help Me.” Otherwise, this tape appeals mostly to fans of folk/acoustic rock.

The Electric Praise Band – The Electric Praise Album

The Electric Praise Band
The Electric Praise Album
1986 (no label)
Merritt Island, Florida, USA

Darrell Mansfield – Vocals on “Let Our God Be Magnified”
Kelly Williard – Vocals on “No Other Love”
Alwyn Wall – Vocals on “Wait on the Lord”
Malcolm Wild – Vocals on “O Lord We’ve Come to Worship You” and “King of All Creation”

Side 1:

  1. O Lord We’ve Come to Worship You
  2. No Other Love
  3. King of All Creation
  4. I Stand in Awe of You
  5. You Are Lovely

Side 2:

  1. Let Our God Be Magnified
  2. Wait on the Lord
  3. Let the Heavens Rejoice
  4. You are My King
  5. Holy is Your Name
  6. The Lord God Reigns

This tape kind of rides the line between demo and professional tape – it is a studio (non-live) praise and worship album (released on tape and vinyl) featuring some big name vocalists on a few tracks. It was well recorded and put together – all it is really missing is a record label logo. If you listened to Vineyard worship albums from this time frame, the sound is about the same. This is rock worship that is never hard rock, but also not afraid to rock out. Mansfield’s track sounds a bit like his blues hard rock, and Wall’s song sounds a bit new-wave-ish. Some songs like “Let the Heavens Rejoice” also work as a good rock song to listen to even if you don’t want to sing them as worship songs. There is a long list of players and vocalists that you can read above.