Positive Outlook – No More War!

Positive Outlook
No More War!
1987 (no label)
San Francisco, California, USA

Scotty Fraser – Bass, vocals
“Wild” Bill Burnett – Guitar
Mike Fuentes – Guitar
Stop Seely – Drums

  1. No More War
  2. Stop and Think
  3. Mental Prejudice
  4. Newest
  5. J.C.I.L.
  6. Peace is Just
  7. Faceless
  8. Straight

I became aware of this demo through an eBay listing. A quick search turned up a BandCamp site for the re-issue. Apparently it was also re-issued on CD in 1999 as well. The sound is fast and furious hardcore punk (leaning more towards the punk side) with straight edge lyrics. While the title track and a few songs are mostly anti-war, they also talk God, unity, and saying no to drugs. This is also a short album, so it is interesting to see it re-issued a few times so many years later. There must have been a lot more to the band’s buzz than their BandCamp blurb let’s on.


Exodus II – Demo

Exodus II
1987 (no label)
Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Greg Synder – Lead vocals, lead guitar, backup vocals
Steve Klopp – Rhythm guitar, backup vocals, vocals on “Handstamp”
Kevin Wendt – Keyboards, backup vocals
John Noble – Bass
Peter Noble – Drums

Bryan Davis – Guest vocals on “Jesus,” backup vocals
Lynn Wheldon – Newsman

Side 1:

  1. Too Late
  2. Children of the Light
  3. I Wanna Know

Side 2:

  1. Handstamp
  2. Jesus

So finally an Exodus II with an actual cover. There are a few tapes out there by Exodus II with no cover and no details about who they are. I’m still not sure if the band’s name a reference to the second chapter of Exodus, or a reference to the need for another Exodus, or simply the second version of a band that was just called Exodus. The sound here rides the line between hard rock and metal. Either the band couldn’t make up their mind which direction they wanted to go, or different band members were allowed to bring in different influences to the sound.

Veil of Ashes – Prayers For The World

Veil of Ashes
Prayers For The World
1987 Reality Records
San Francisco, California, USA

Sean Doty – poet, guitar
Phil Meads – drums
Sterling – bass

  1. C.U.
  2. Falling
  3. Only Love
  4. I Know

This is the debut demo from Veil of Ashes, who went on to sign to Graceland Records and release an album, release a compilation on Blonde Vinyl Records, change their name to Veil, release an album on Eden Records, and then break up. All of the songs here were released on that Blonde Vinyl compilation (The Young And Reckless: The Regression of Veil of Ashes), so many people have heard the songs. The song “Only Love” was re-recorded for their Nëgro demo later the same year, and it seems that it was this slightly longer version that was released on the BV compilation. Somewhere I read that they were influenced by The Doors and Gene Loves Jezebel, and that description seems to work. They were an excellent alternative band that should have lasted longer. Oh, and they also got together about 6 years ago to record a new song and released some unreleased demos in a collection called Eternal Teenage Angst.

The Paul Q-Pek Band – Truth Be Told

The Paul Q-Pek Band
Truth Be Told
1987 (no label)
Austin, Texas, USA

Paul Q-Pek – Lead vocals, guitars
Sam Nunes – Bass guitar, vocals
Michael Willoughby – Keyboards, vocals
Phillip Owens – Drums, vocals

  1. Truth Be Told
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Lowery
  4. Boxes
  5. Tear Down the Walls
  6. The Healing

If you ever heard the Cool Tunes compilation, you probably heard the track from the Paul Q-Pek Band and wondered if that was a one-off song in a completely different style than Paul’s main band One Bad Pig, or if he really had other sides than punk? Well, his solo CD eventually answered that, but now I have this demo tape to confirm that he was indeed going for a keyboard alternative rock style for the whole demo. It’s actually pretty good. There are still some similarities here and there to One Bad Pig – like the gang vocals in the title track (and the fact that OBP drummer Phillip Owens plays in this band as well). But otherwise this is different than the Pig in most ways. “Mrs. Lowry” and “Boxes” are not really songs as much as sung or spoken word performance pieces. As you can see from the cover, this tape has no title listed, but other sources have it as “Truth Be Told,” so that is what I call it here. Q-Pek had at least two demo tapes from the same period: Wrestle for You and Passion & Fear.

Joe Domikaitus – My Language

Joe Domikaitus
My Language
1987 (no label)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

  1. My Language
  2. Voices in My Head
  3. Visualize Nothing
  4. Flowers on Your Grave
  5. Don’t be a Fool
  6. My Grim Reality
  7. Reconsider the Love You Pushed Aside
  8. Will It Ever End
  9. Where Were You?
  10. Their Blood Cries

This album is a solo demo from the lead singer and guitarist of The Midst. I am not sure if this was released as a separate tape with its own cover or not, but the version I have is added to the end of Side 1 of The Midst’s demo. I am also not sure if this demo was released in 1987 or 1989. Oh, and there weren’t any song names on the tape, so the titles above are guesses I took. The sound here continues the horror punk influences from The Midst, while mixing in some alternative and experimental influences. It sounds like the drums might be drum machines or programmed, so it is probably Domikaitus doing all of the music himself. There was also a second solo demo on side 2 of The Midst tape called The Lizard is Dead from 1989.

The Midst – In the Midst

The Midst
In the Midst
1987 Lizardville
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Joe Domikaitus – Vocals, guitar
Mark Bessey – Keyboard-bass
Nathan Stiffler – Drums, vocals

  1. Thoughts and Words
  2. In the Midst
  3. Empty
  4. Many Eyes Did See
  5. My Pain

This demo comes roaring out of the gate with a mix of horror punk and skate punk influences. It’s not a straight up copy of early Misfits like Rescue is on some songs, but the influences are in full force. You don’t see that much in the early Christian tape underground – Christian horror punk kind of took off much later. I also don’t know if this band went for the stage look of horror punk, either. But they sound legit on tape. The interesting thing about this tape is that I thought I was putting it in to hear five songs, but it turns out that the lead singer of the band put two full length solo albums of his on here as well (My Language and The Lizard is Dead). I will look at those separately, but it sure did change my plans to go from digitizing 5 songs to 25.

Thin Red Line – Lie of the Land

Thin Red Line
Lie of the Land
1987 Ode Records
Auckland, New Zealand

Dave White – Vocals, Keyboards
Greg Finucane – Guitar
Valerie Wycoff – Performer
Kirsten Finucane – Bass, Vocals
Jim Lovell-Smith – Performer

Side 1:

  1. Women Watch
  2. Tearoha
  3. Trick or Treaty
  4. Black Thoughts
  5. Potiki

Side 2:

  1. Election
  2. Fingerprints
  3. She is More Than Yellow Stone
  4. Newsprint
  5. Prophet-Man
  6. A Still Small Voice

I believe this is the last demo by Thin Red Line before Dave White formed The Clear. The sound here is still the lighter alternative rock that the band has been doing on the past four demos (Equinox, Seclusions Paradise, Thin Red Line EP, and Simplicity) but many songs (like “Election”) pick up the aggression and alternative edge a lot more on this demo – pointing towards The Clear and even Lung. There are also several world and reggae leanings here, and several deeply political messages about indigenous groups in New Zealand. It also seems like there is a greater trade-off between male and female vocals on this demo when compared to past ones, but I could be remembering that wrong.