Derek Lind – Strange Logic

Derek Lind
Strange Logic
1988 Someone Up There Records (SUTC 107)
Auckland, New Zealand

Derek Lind – Vocals; 6, 12, and high-strung acoustic guitars, electric and slide guitars
Dave Bridgeman – Electric guitar, lap steel
Guy Wishart – Electric, slide, and acoustic guitar
Pale Sauni – Bass guitar, percussion
Alan Brown – Synthesizers, acoustic piano, casio-tone
Steve Garden – Drums
Steve Garden – Percussion
Ra Lind – Backing vocals
Shona Sauni – Backing vocals
Adrianna Pink – Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. Strange Logic
  2. Any Other Way
  3. Give You My Life
  4. A Friend
  5. Local Body Politics
  6. Waiting on You

Side 2:

  1. State of Play
  2. Questions That Need Asking
  3. A Man Who is Without
  4. Rhyming Dictionary
  5. God of Plenty

This tape was a frustrating transfer. The tape was just too stretched out or something to get a good rip of the first song, no matter how many different ways I tried. Some tapes just need to be played once to get past the decades of being stuck together unplayed on a spool. Not this one. There is probably some major damage. Luckily, the first song on here was also released on Lind’s Salvo Songs compilation, so I can find a good quality version of it for sale many places. “Strange Logic,” “Waiting on You,” and “State of Play” are all on Salvo Songs as well, but the other 8 songs are not. This is a very rare tape to find. Which is too bad – it’s a great tape of Rock/American/Folk like his other albums (Slippery Ground from 1993 and Stations from 1995 are probably the ones you are mostly likely to have heard of… possibly…). Oddly enough, though, you can find several videos on YouTube from this album:


Man & Hammer – Just Say Noise!

Man & Hammer
Just Say Noise!
1988 Jeru-Slam Records (JS009)
Sterling City, California, USA

David Joo

  1. The Newage Movement
  2. Revelation 3:20
  3. Revelation 13:15, 16, 17
  4. One Struggle One Fight
  5. Jesus is Comming
  6. Sleeper
  7. Quietly Now
  8. I’m Just a Sinner
  9. Untitled
  10. Just Say Noise
  11. Something I Wanted to Say

This is the second tape by Man & Hammer (or at least, the one after Skeletons if that demo is not the first one). David Joo is pretty much the main person behind Man & Hammer. He also put out a zine called ZOTT (Zine of the Times), ran Jeru-Slam Records, and recorded other projects as well (some under his name – which I have never heard or seen – and one as Hellfire). He also frequently goes by the nickname “Squid” if you ever hear that name mentioned in regards to the tape underground. The sound is similar to other tapes – found sounds, randomly played instruments and/or things, and other noises made to push boundaries.Some people can’t stand this music, I find some it (like this project) oddly intriguing.

Metal Monks – When the Son Comes Down

Metal Monks
When the Son Comes Down
1988 (no label)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Lane Walker – Acoustic guitar
Nathan Reiger – Guitars
Sean O’Leary – Bass, vocals
Victor Brassard – Drums
The Monks – Background vocals

Side 1:

  1. Humble Thyself
  2. Can’t You See That He Loves You

Side 2:

  1. Out of Your Living Hell
  2. When the Son Comes Down

This is basically an underground metal band connected with Rez Band and JPUSA. In fact, Rez Band member Roy Montroy helped record and engineer this tape. The first song is a cover of the well-known hymn, while I believe the rest are originals. The sound itself is pretty straight ahead heavy metal, more like the mid-80s straight ahead sound than the glam metal or hard rock varieties of the late 80s. Some sources place this band as from Vancouver, Canada, even though the tape was recorded in Chicago.

Testimony – Demo

1988 (no label)
Deltona, Florida, USA

  1. You are Lord
  2. I Hear His Voice
  3. In a Twinkling of an Eye

So there were two copies of this in the stacks, one with the professional tape above, and another with a label that was typed out on a piece of paper and stuck to the tape. Both have the exact same songs on them. Because of the logo on the tape about, I took a chance that this would be metal… and I was right. The sound is kind of a mixture of a female-fronted Savatage (due to their use of piano) and Ordained Fate (due to the progressive leanings). It appears that this band has a 1989 demo called He’s Alive with the three songs above and 10 more. The line up for that demo (which may or may not be the same for this demo) was:

Lois Gistinger – Lead vocals, keyboards
Gary Gistinger – Guitar, vocals
Joey Antrim – Bass, vocals
Michael Osinski – Drums, vocals

Otto Bootzman – Demo

Otto Bootzman
1988 (no label)
Denver, Colorado, USA

  1. Long Way Home
  2. Highway 85

This was a bit of a surprise – I own the 1989 demo The Legacy of No One by Otto Bootzman, but I wasn’t aware there were others. This is an earlier 2-song demo. They are still doing the alternative rock thing with a slight Americana twist detectable. “Long Way Home” was re-recorded for their next demo, but “Highway 85” seems to be exclusive to this demo. For those not in the known, Otto Bootzman was an early band that featured Beki Hemingway on vocals before she joined This Train and then went solo. There is no information about this demo other than what is on the tape, so I don’t know if it had the same members as their later demo. But it does sound like Beki singing.

Missing Information: Who played on this?

Café Noire – Café Noire

Café Noire
Café Noire
1988 (no label)

Leslie DuPré – Vocals
Michael Brown – All Instruments

  1. Repentance
  2. Run to the Sea
  3. Broken Arrows
  4. The Clock Strikes Twelve

Café Noire was an early gothic alternative rock band that featured Leslie DuPré on vocals. DuPré was known for providing vocals for bands like The Violet Burning and The Kreepdowns, as well as releasing solo tracks on compilations (like “Monica” on the Hi! Here’s Our Alternative Compilation in 1995). She is married to Herb Grimaud, Jr of The Violet Burning, The Sound Gallery, and Stranger Kings fame, and has more recently been releasing music under her married name of Leslie DuPré-Grimaud. Some of the songs on this tape feature Michael on vocals (with him being lead vocalist on “Run to the Sea”). Also, I believe the drums are programmed on some or all of the songs here. There are probably at least two or three more Café Noire tapes out there – I hope they turn up as well. Recently, Leslie DuPré-Grimaud was diagnosed with breast cancer. There haven’t been any updates in a year or so, so I am hoping that she is doing well now.

Mark Krischak & Friends – Volume 1

Mark Krischak & Friends
Volume 1
1988 Key Records (KEY 4)
Fullerton, California, USA

Side 1:

  1. Louvre – Another Time, Another Place
  2. Louvre – I’m with You
  3. Vacation in Heaven – In His Scene (live)
  4. Vacation in Heaven – I Take a Walk (live)
  5. Vacation in Heaven – Automatic News (live)
  6. Vacation in Heaven – The Kingdom (live)
  7. Mark & Kirk – Watch Nowhere

Side 2:

  1. Lifesavors – Passin’ Trends (live)
  2. Lifesavors – Voices (aka “Lost in the Darkness”)
  3. Lifesavors – I’ve Got To
  4. Labor of Love – Message to the Bands
  5. Labor of Love – All My Love
  6. Labor of Love – It’s So Simple
  7. Labor of Love – Modern World

This is basically a compilation of various Mark Krischak bands – kind of a “best of” in many ways. Some of these songs can be found on other demos. The two songs from Louvre were on their 6 Song Demo. All four of the songs by Labor of Love are from their Message for the Bands demo. However, the Lifesavors songs are from different sources – one from The Lost Nashville Demo (“Voices” is the same song as “Lost in the Darkness”), one from 3-14-81 Live (“I’ve Got To”), and one (“Passin’ Trends”) that in only available here. The Vacation in Heaven are live songs only on this collection, even though two of them (“I Take a Walk” and “Automatic News”) are on the Vacation in Heaven demo. Then there is Mark & Kirk covering “Watch Nowhere” by Lifesavers – a song written by Michael Knott after Krischak left The Lifesavors and they changed names to Lifesavers. Interesting choice, especially since that song was written by Knott. So are there any differences between these bands? Well, yes and no. They all have distinct differences, but Krischak kind of connects them all with his garage pop sound as well. You can still get this album through Jeani Bond at