TNK – Sara’s Callin’

Sara’s Callin’
1989 (no label)
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Evan St. James – Lead vocals
Ray Ronzonni – Guitar, background vocals
Kenneth Steele – Bass, background vocals

Myke Connell – Drums

  1. Hold On Me
  2. Sara’s Callin’
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Let Me Entertain You
  5. Tears Of Gethsemane

I had previously posted about this demo, but didn’t know much because it had no cover. Then a copy with the cover and details showed in the box, so i am re-posting with the new cover. This is TNK’s second demo after The Noble Knights.  The sound here is commercial metal with a slight leaning towards power metal. The lead singer reminds me of Paul Stanley here and there – maybe mixed with a bit of the Heaven’s Edge vocalist. All played over some well-played and written metal that would have fit in well on the Sunset Strip (maybe just not the glam-metal-only venues). The guitarist is the only member here that was on their 1986 demo at this point (no drummer in the band pic, but they do thank the drummer from the last demo for doing the drums here). Also of note that there is no date on this tape, but most sources place it as 1989. Gotta love the 80s cover with a woman that literally looks like a Sara on the phone.


The Reign – Back From Euphoria

The Reign
Back From Euphoria
1989 Jondo Recordings
California, USA

Harold Bloemendaal, Jr – Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Greg Kemable – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Travis Sheetz – Synthesizers, Hammond B-3, backing vocals
Curtis Holtzen – Bass guitars, percussion, backing vocals
Dug Dorr – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Darrel Mansfield – Harp on “Cold Desert Wind” and “Trouble on My Mind”
Gene Eugene – Acoustic guitar on “Dancer”
Riki Michelle – Backing vocals on “Don’t Let It Take You Down” and “Running out of Time”

Produced by Gene Eugene

Side 1:

  1. In Another Room
  2. Cold Desert Wind
  3. Looking for You (On Christmas Day)
  4. Running out of Time
  5. Trouble on My Mind

Side 2:

  1. Weakness
  2. Love Survive
  3. Don’t Let It Take You Down
  4. Dancer

You are probably noticing some big names in the Christian Alternative scene on this release. I am not sure how The Reign got connected with them, but the connection was good enough to get them to help out with an indie tape. Of course, this was picked up for national distribution and given a different cover, but these are the same songs. The sound of the songs isn’t too far off from the bands they seemed to be connected with – guitar and bass driven alternative rock. However, it seems that The Reign had more of a roots rock influence on their music as well. Which was pretty common at the time this came out, even though you don’t hear it much anymore. Also, with a keyboard player as part of the band, you do hear the synthesizers popping out more often here than you would on albums by other bands in this genre.

Conviction of Sin – Live (Godcore 3)

Conviction of Sin
Live (Godcore 3)
1989 The Furnace Room

Burrito – Vocals
Keith – Guitar
Mark Brown – Bass
Doni Daudel – Drums

Tracy G – Guitar overdubs

Side 1:

  1. Intro
  2. I Don’t Know You
  3. Your Choice
  4. No Religion
  5. S. Decay

Side 2:

  1. Revelations 3:16
  2. Human Holocaust
  3. Back to the Cross
  4. Look to God

Conviction of Sin was an early Christian Punk band that Burrito of The Warning / 8 Ball Cholos fame was in before joining Moral Majority. This tape is part of the three-part Godcore tapes that chronicled Conviction of Sin and Moral Majority. These tapes are rare and very hard to find, so I was glad to hear at least one of them. Hopefully the other two will pop up soon. At one time Burrito was going to release all of this digitally, but that didn’t seem to happen. This tape is a live concert recording, and kind of rough at that. It’s hard to hear at times, but you can mainly tell it is hardcore punk. Well, except for the intro track – it’s like a keyboard guitar solo build-up thing that bands like Stryper did. Kind of odd. Also, the first song after the intro is the only one where Burrito doesn’t say “this song is…” – so I took a guess at what its title was. But it also sounds a bit like they are maybe screaming “Derelict!” a lot as well. So maybe that is the title? The last song also cuts off halfway through.

Black and White World – Demo

Black and White World
1989 (no label)


  1. Raise Your Flag
  2. Face of a Nation
  3. SCOW
  4. Reckless Boy
  5. Lecture Hall

Finally – I have been looking for this one forever. While the longer 1990 6-song demo by Black and White World is rare, it is much easier to find than this one. This is BWW at their earliest and rawest – but they still have a good sense of their later alternative rock identity. In fact, this really isn’t too far off from the sound they became known for on their Blonde Vinyl releases. Seeing that this in a 1989 release, they are actually a bit ahead of their time with an alt-rock sound that didn’t really become that popular until the 90s. Most of these songs were not re-recorded later except for “SCOW,” which was renamed “Captain of the Scow” on their 1991 S/T Blonde Vinyl debut. Also, I used to refer to this as a 4-song demo, but it turns out there is a 5th unlisted song at the end. It cuts out early but is still mostly a full length song where they sing about lecture halls, so that is what I called it. Overall, a short but classic rare demo from deep in the underground.

The Juggernauts – Wild!

The Juggernauts
1989 (no label)
Ingle Farm, South Australia

Cameron Emerald – Lead vocals
Milo MinderBinder – Guitars
Golden Gordon – Bass
Ruby Orbison – Keyboards
Keith Maniac – Drums

Chris Soole – Saxophone
David Gardiner – Trombone
Mark Williams – Trumpet
Joanne Huges – Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. Empty Cross
  2. The Greatest of These
  3. Trust On
  4. Jesus Took My Burden
  5. The New Jerusalem

Side 2:

  1. Stand Your Ground
  2. Receive
  3. Excuse Me Physically But I’m Rather Undimensional at the Moment
  4. On the Road

This is a rather eclectic release. You see all of these horn players listed on it, but it was recorded in 1989. So not third wave ska. Maybe cheesy rock? The first song starts off with no horns – its kind of a funk hard rock song that was kind of getting some attention in the late 80s. The second song is… reggae. That’s where the horns come in. Then it’s back to a funky hard rock song with a bit of groove that feels inspired by Adam Again (especially in the keyboards). The album does keep on style jumping, but the main focus seems to be a groovy / funky hard rock / metal sound. With horns thrown in on some songs. The vocalist sounds like the singer from Dig Hay Zoose in many ways, but the band doesn’t get into the frantic funk that DHZ was known for. Its like a funkier Ugly Kid Joe with several horn-based rock songs thrown in.

Joe Domikaitus – The Lizard is Dead

Joe Domikaitus
The Lizard is Dead
1989 (no label)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

  1. I’ve Wasted My Life
  2. Such a Predicament
  3. I Didn’t Want
  4. God is Real, Are You Listening?
  5. My Pain
  6. Love Life
  7. Mommy Mommy
  8. Embracing Death
  9. The Lizard is Dead
  10. Message from Joe

A second full length demo by the lead singer and guitarist of The Midst after at least one other demo called My Language. This one was on side two of a demo by The Midst, so I don’t know if it ever had its own cover or not. While there is still a strong influence of horror punk on this demo, Domikaitus continues to move more into the alternative rock realm. As with the last solo demo, the drums on here are electronic, and there were no song titles given. What is listed above is my best guess.

Shekinah Bros – Demo #1 / Demo # 2

Shekinah Bros
Demo #1 / Demo # 2
1988 / 1989 (no label)

Jerry Andrews

Side 1 (Demo #1 – March 1988):

  1. Joy Pt 1
  2. Lamb of God
  3. So Wonderful
  4. The Bell
  5. Joy Pt 2

Side 2 (Demo #2 – January 1989):

  1. Slippery Floor
  2. One Day
  3. The Bystanders
  4. Dreaming of You

I recently had an email chat with Jeani Bond (of Key Records / Regeneration Radio fame) about The Children. She pointed out that Jerry Andrews of The Children also put out a solo demo and several demos as Shekinah Bros. Then when looking through some tapes to digitize – what did I notice one of them was? Yep – this one. Jeani had described these as a bit more acoustic than The Children – which is a good way to describe the songs. They are less electric guitar oriented, but still within the general alternative rock arena. All there is about this tape is what is pictured on the tape above. Side one is apparently demo #1 from 1988, and side two is demo #2 from 1989. There are several more out there after this one. Since this is called “Bros” I am guessing there is at least one other “bro” in addition to Andrews? Either way, this is a very solid set of demos with really good song writing and musicianship.

Missing Information: Who played on these demos in addition to Andrews (or was it all him)?