IDY – Richard A. Gulling

Richard A. Gulling
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

IDY – Keyboards, guitar, melodica, fretlees bass, voice, drum programming, drums

En Berk – Guitar on “Don’tKillPeople(it’snotanicewaytomakefriends)“
The Woodchuck – Bass, singing on “AAAhhhhCathedral”
Ley C. Gault – Keyboards, voice on “AAAhhhhCathedral”


  1. LiedTo
  2. Gulling
  3. BowlinginGary’sLittleCloset(asolemnmatter)
  4. ACS
  5. DEATH
  6. Shade1
  7. LaPazStreetReggae
  8. GracetheFormal
  9. ADeviation
  10. AAAhhhhCathedral
  11. TheOpenSun
  12. Blue7


  1. Richard’sElementaryGroove
  2. 1,532
  3. TheyBurnHouses
  4. Nasser
  5. SmokeBombinmyCoffee
  6. TenMenMarchtoFrogsboro
  7. Don’tKillPeople(it’snotanicewaytomakefriends)
  8. RiskofPoverty
  9. She’stheBestActor
  10. WalkDon’tWalk

This is a recording that floats between noise and experimental rock music. Some songs are pure noise and samples, a few are musical in structure, but a bit more “out there” than your average alt rock song. Well, “TheyBurnHouses” is an almost straight up alt rock instrumental, while “Don’tKillPeople(it’snotanicewaytomakefriends)” is pretty much grind/deathcore. Many songs seem to fall somewhere in between the two extremes, where music is recorded and then manipulated like noise music typically is (although many noise projects focus on found noises rather than creating their own music to manipulate). I’m not totally sure if I got all of the breaks between songs right when I cut this into tracks, but at least all of the music is there. I have heard a version of this on mp3 that was missing several parts, including the second half of side 2.

Household Morgan – Demo

Household Morgan
1989 Sonic Hope Records

  1. Face My Fears (live)
  2. Just Can’t Understand (live)
  3. Summer’s Never Been This Long (live)
  4. Help Me (live)
  5. All Up to You (live)
  6. Faith Overcomes
  7. Grow a Goatee
  8. Household Morgan (instrumental) (live)
  9. I Fall Down

This demo was on the back of David Finley’s Tired Feet, Hungry Soul. So I guess it was released the same date, but there is no information on it. It’s more of an indie rock/alt rock band, kind of like early Joe Christmas with more structure. I wonder if this was an early version of Bob – a band that formed from various solo artists of the Sonic Hope Records label? Or maybe it is just some random band that Finley wanted to promote? There are no song names listed, so I took a guess for each one. Some songs are live, others appear to have been home recorded. Also note that the demo could be called Household Morgan, but one of the live songs they say “Household Morgan” as if they are giving a band intro, so my guess for now is that it is the band name. But it is also an instrumental song, so I had to name that song with the only words it had. The two home recordings are acoustic singer/songwriter type songs, and in front of one (“Grow a Goatee”) they say Kevin and David are the ones performing. Is that David Finley? Funny lyrics on that one: “Just grow a Goatee… for the needy….” (mocking the lack of caring in style conscious Christians).

Missing Information: Who played on this, song titles?

David Finley – Tired Feet, Hungry Soul

David Finley
Tired Feet, Hungry Soul
1989 Sonic Hope Records
Azusa, Arizona, USA

David Finley – Guitar, Voice
John R. Williamson – Bass guitar

  1. Lack-Luster
  2. Brush Me Back
  3. Unplastered
  4. Sitting Here
  5. Skyscape Personal
  6. Grace
  7. A Song Won’t Stop the World
  8. Pulchritude
  9. It Isn’t October Anymore
  10. A New Friend
  11. Sorry Mr. Beckett
  12. Tired Feet, Hungry Soul

This is one of many artists on the Sonic Hope Records label. Finley has appeared on other demos by Robert Deeble, John R. Williamson, and Chad Bryant Edmundson. Williamson also plays bass on this tape. The sound is mostly acoustic singer-song writer folk, with the aforementioned bass guitar adding a bit of texture to the songs. The songs were written between 1987 and 1989, but recorded in 1989. I don’t know if Finley had more tapes before or after this one. Also of note, the artwork in the j-card was by Finley as well (as is the case with most Sonic Hope Records releases, the j-card is a full sheet of paper folded down to j-card dimensions). The liner notes also mention that Finley ran a poetry journal called The Grapevine. While the j-card makes it seem like there were 6 songs on Side 1 and 6 songs on side 2, it turned out that all 12 songs were on Side 1. Side 2 was a collection of song by a band called Household Morgan, which was more alternative rock than Finley. I assume that means that Finley was involved with or connected to Household Martin in some way? I don’t know, but I will treat that side as its own tape.

Chris Yambar – Weird Outtakes Volume One

Chris Yambar
Weird Outtakes Volume One
1989 The Furnace Room

Chris Yambar – Words, teachings, concepts, background vocals on “Newave”
Marc Plainguet – Electronic/industrial music/sounds

Terry McCabe – Vocals, background vocals on “Newave”
Joe Hudek – Lead guitar on “Newave”
Mike Talanca – Bass on “Newave”
Jim Toti – Drums, keyboards on “Newave”
Lori McCabe – Background vocals on “Newave”
Tom Eich – Background vocals on “Newave”

Side 1:

  1. Introductions
  2. 3 Piece Suit
  3. Newave
  4. Consecration & Holiness
  5. I surrender 95%

Side 2:

  1. Phone Tag (Acid House Dance Mix)
  2. Easter Eggs
  3. Abyss of Tears
  4. Building Houses

This appears to be the first version of this tape (it was re-released on Corpqii Music in 1991 with two new tracks added to each side). The sound here is an eclectic mix of music, spoken word, found samples, sermon outtakes, and other assorted weirdness. This ranges from “Newave” (a full-on song by Terry) McCabe), to songs like “Phone Tag (Acid House Dance Mix)” (a collection of phone messages played over an electronic/industrial/new wave music scape), to songs like “Easter Eggs” (an excerpt of a sermon with no music). The packaging for this version is also much more extensive than the re-issue – the cover is a full page of paper folded down to a j-card, with a lot of liner notes and a full drawing on the back. There is also a signed insert and business card packed in there as well. As far as the songs, it seems that these versions are mostly the same as the ones on the 1991 version, except those versions sounds a bit remastered.

Changed – Who is Real?

Who is Real?
1989 Connector

Side 1:

  1. Useless After All
  2. Masks
  3. My Fault
  4. Hunger for Company
  5. Tell the Children

Side 2:

  1. Share It With God
  2. Where Is God In Your Life
  3. The Answer Of My Life
  4. What Life Is All About
  5. Lost And Lonely

This is the debut album by the Netherlands-based band Changed. I have not heard any of their music, but apparently they get better each album after this, starting with 1990’s Wake Up. It is not that they are bad here, just a little on the rough side. They have kind of a sound that is in the rock/hard rock arena, kind of how Barnabas bounced around styles on their first two albums (including some of the same flirtations with punk rock here and there). Changed has male and female lead vocals, so I guess you could say it sounds like the first two Barnabas albums if they were a little less polished and had shared male/female lead vocals. Also, it sounds like this was vinyl recorded to tape, as you can hear pops and scratches from vinyl clearly in many spots.

Ordained Fate – Demo

Ordained Fate
1989 (no label)
Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

  1. The Light Bearer
  2. Midnight Exodus
  3. The Election
  4. Sweet Dreams

This is an early Ordained Fate demo – not sure if this is the way it originally came, or if this is copy someone else made. The issue is that there are 4 songs on here off of their 1989 6 song demo. Not sure why the other two were left off. Or maybe two more were added to this one to make the 6 song version?  “The Light Bearer” and “Midnight Exodus” were both re-recorded for their 1990 S/T demo, while “The Election” we re-recorded for their S/T debut CD on Wonderland Records. All of these songs were also included on the 2014 Demo Anthology.

Man & Hammer – Translation of Emotion

Man & Hammer
Translation of Emotion
1989 Jeru-Slam Records
Sterling City, California, USA

Man & Hammer (David Joo) – All noise

Ryan J. Allen – Noise on “Be Angry and Sin Not”

Side 1:

  1. The Rythm Gives It Away
  2. Good enough
  3. Brian’s Song
  4. Staticlove I
  5. Hypocrite

Side 2:

  1. Faith
  2. Little Children
  3. What Do You Want From Me?
  4. The Problem
  5. Men With Hammers
  6. Be Angry and Sin Not
  7. A Message
  8. Thank You
  9. Peices of Beauty 4

Man & Hammer is a one man noise project by David Joo (aka Squid) of ZOTT (an underground zine), Hellfire (a lo-fi thrash metal band), and Jeru-Slam Records (his own label). As far as I can tell, this is the third Man & Hammer release. It definitely sits between 1988’s Just Say Noise! And 1989’s Not Dead. I just don’t know if there are any Man & Hammer tapes before the first one that I know of (Skeletons in 1988), or any after Not Dead for that matter. Like his other tapes, this one is found noise, distorted and regular spoken vocals, and a lot of randomness. The misspellings in the songs titles above are how they are on the tape jacket.