The Warning – Cut the Garbage!

The Warning
Cut the Garbage!
1990 Independent
Azusa, California, USA

Burrito – Lead vocals
Tracy G – Lead guitars, bass, noise makers

Mike Beatty – Drum programming
Rochelle Ann – Additional vocals on “Human Holocaust”

Side 1:

  1. Condemned to Hell
  2. Human Holocaust
  3. Blood Bath

Side 2:

  1. Don’t Touch Me
  2. Scream for Repentance (Psalm 51)
  3. Out of Control
  4. Cut the Crap

This is the censored version of Cut the Crap! From 1989 – meaning that they just changed one word on the cover to make it less offensive to people that found the word “crap” offensive. Weird, but such is the Christian world. It seems that sound here is a bit more metal and cleanly produced than Repent or Die! and A Virgin in the Midst of Whores. Don’t think they went anywhere near pop metal, though – it is still off the wall, chaotic, and a bit muddy sonic-wise. And of course, Tracey G is still showcasing the shred guitars he came to be known for in Dio and other bands later. Interesting that they feature a note about only reading the Bible and not getting into personal interpretations, and then release a tape full of their personal interpretations and political views. Lots of bands  did this – it probably just got confusing for music fans to determine which differing version of “just the Bible” was the real one 🙂 Also of interest is that this re-release of Cut the Crap! leaves off the bonus track “Love,” which I believe is the same song as “Whatever Happened to Love” from A Virgin in the Midst of Whores.


St. Asylem – Demo

St. Asylem
1990 (no label)
Tuscan, Arizona, USA

Eric James – Lead vocals
Dana Kyle – Lead guitars
Bob “Z_-OB” Cady – Lead guitars
Martii Haviik – Bass, growls
Joey Edwards – Drums

  1. Headed for the Fire
  2. Don’t Forget About Me
  3. Woe to the Wicked
  4. Surrender

The front cover has a logo with a very Lizzy Borden vibe, and that is a good starting place – especially the more metal side of Borden. There are some high pitched wails here and there, as well as some pummeling riffs. Power metal, speed metal, and commercial metal are all mixed in here. Also the obligatory power balled on the second track. Had never of this band until now, but they seemed to have a legitimate quality demo all around here.

Big Rage! Volume 1 – 1990

Big Rage! Volume 1
1990 Pure Metal Records

Side 1:

  1. The Stand – Don’t Look Back
  2. Paradox – Give a Listen
  3. Zeal – Loner
  4. Mitch Bohet – Bottom of It
  5. Sanxtion – The Resurrection and Life
  6. Heebie Jeebies – Land of the Free

Side 2:

  1. Lust Control – Mad at the Girls
  2. Torah – Pray for the Children
  3. Archangel – Burn, Burn, Burn
  4. Repent – Shadows
  5. Bryan Whited – Heaven Can’t Wait
  6. Outcry – Vessels Unto Honor

Big Rage! was a compilation from Pure Metal that I think was only released on tape. It is technically a label release, but it contained only underground (at the time) bands of various styles. The Stand is the same power pop/alt rock band that also released this song on Heartbreak Town. Paradox is the traditional power metal band from San Antonio – this song has been on many comps and it rocks. Zeal is a power metal/neoclassical metal band that sounds like many similar bands that were influenced by bands like Riot at the time. Mitch Bohet is alt rock artist that had his song produced by Charlie Peacock, and it bears his influence (not a bad thing). Sanxtion is an epic power metal/speed metal band. Heebie Jeebies is an experimental-ish band that uses drum machines, but it is not industrial. I don’t think. Lust Control is, well, Lust Control. Punk and in your face. Torah has been featured here before – female fronted heavy metal. Archangel is a more commercial metal band with AC/DC influence vocals, but a more driving metal sound. Repent is a band that has a regular metal sounding band with kind of haunting vocals that give them a more original sound that others. Bryan Whited is a traditional metal solo project with a full band. Outcry was a one-time name change for Crucifix just for this song – keyboard-laced traditional metal.

Vague – Collage

1990 (no label)
Wheaton, Illinois, USA

John Thompson – Lead vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars
Rob Anstee – Keyboards, sampling, acoustic piano
Joe Disanto – Bass
John Mezzano – Drums
Jen Williamson – Backing vocals
Michelle Thomason – Backing vocals

Rick Elias – Acoustic guitar, e-bow
Chris Knight – Harmonica, camera

Produced by Rick Elias and Dave Jahnsen

Side 1

  1. In My Dreams
  2. One Raindrop
  3. It’s Real
  4. Collage

Side 2:

  1. Will U Stay
  2. The Words
  3. I’m Trying
  4. Swing Low

The final demo from the band that went on to become The Wayside. It turns out this one was a split release in some ways. Side 1 was the full band called Vague doing full band music, while side 2 was actually John and Michelle doing acoustic duo music as “The Limb.” Side 1 sees the band drifting more towards the alternative / Americana sound they became known for as The Wayside. Almost gone are any forays into heavier guitar-based alternative rock that happened occasionally on past demos (“Collage” has some aggressive distorted guitars here and there). I liked those songs on past demos, but the cohesiveness on this demo and future recordings works even better to be honest. Side 2 is acoustic folk music for all 4 songs – which sounds like a strange shift in style if you thought (like I did at first) that The Limb was some inside band joke or something. But it’s still the same songwriting core of Vague, and worth it just to get the groovy acoustic cover of “Swing Low.”

Tera – 1990 Demo

1990 (no label)
Bridgeview, Illinois, USA

Tony Palumbo – Vocals
Walter Murphy – Guitars
Perry Basile – Bass
Paul Murphy – Drums

  1. Heaven in Your Heart
  2. Where Were You
  3. City Blues
  4. Tuff Love

This is really just a quick post to note that this demo is pretty much the same as the 1991 demo, except with a different cover and copyright date. Also, to my ears, it sounds like this demo has better mastering. For whatever reason, it seems that in 1991 the band made a slightly less quality transfer of the same versions of the same songs from this demo from 1990 and gave it a different cover. Still a great demo, just don’t want you to think there are two different demos from this band out there.

Ladder 9 – Out of Control

Ladder 9
Out of Control
1990 (no label)
Tampa, Florida, USA

Rich Giersch – Lead vocals, harmonica
Ian Stake – Guitars background vocals
Jimmy Cazin – Bass, background vocals
Richy Cazin – Drums
Danny Bowers – Mandolin
Ken Veenstra – Keyboards

Side 1:

  1. America (I’m Sorry)
  2. Dixie
  3. Take Up Your Cross

Side 2:

  1. The Meaning
  2. These Days
  3. Are You Real

Despite the existence of several instruments that seem to indicate this would be an Americana demo, it is really an alternative rock band. This particular mix of alt-rock is of the jangly-pop variety, especially the late 80s/early 90s version. A little peppy, a little quirky, and good dose of vocal harmonies. I almost expected to find an Athens, Georgia address on this, but nope – it is Florida. Well, okay – the harmonica on songs like “Dixie” do add a slight Americana vibe… on top of a quirky peppy alt-rock song. A very good demo, but I have never heard of this band, and can find no further info about them online.

The Keys – Faithful & True / I Wish

The Keys
Faithful & True / I Wish
1990 Living Light Productions

Mark Rivera – Singer
Vynnie Harris – Guitar player, singer
Vivian – Guitar player
Alton A. – Bass player
Chris Duncan – Drummer

Side 1:

  1. Faithful & True

Side 2:

  1. I Wish

The front cover looks new wave, the guitar on the inside looks light rock, the copyright dates for the two songs are 1990 and… huh? 1975? Both (mostly) written by the same guy? What on earth could this be? Well, it is pretty much 80s traditional metal. Think an American version of Leviticus doing songs like “Let Me Fight” and that is what you have here. I guess both songs were recorded in 1990-ish, but one was a song the band leader had been holding on to for… 15 years? Maybe that was a typo. The tape says that these songs are from an upcoming tape called The Call – I wonder if that was ever released?