Juso – Live on Broadway

Live on Broadway
1990 (no label)
Ohio, USA

  1. Give It Up
  2. Stolen Waters
  3. Do You Know (The Power of Love)
  4. Prisoner of War

Another band with just a tape that has little information on it. From other sources, I found out that this was released in 1990, and that the band is from Ohio, But I don’t know much else. This demo is listed as “Live on Broadway” elsewhere. It really doesn’t sound live, as there are no crowd noises or banter between songs. It might have been recorded live in studio, or they just shut out any crowd noise. This is AOR-ish hard rock. Never quite metal, but more bite than pop rock. Kind of in the same realm as Idle Cure. They have two other demos that I know of – a 1988 demo and another one from 1988 called Why So.

Missing Information: who played on this?

Righteous Metal Missionaries – Righteous Metal Missionaries

Righteous Metal Missionaries
Righteous Metal Missionaries
1990 (no label)
Chalmette, Louisiana, USA

Wayne Alonzo – Vocals
Robert Flannagan – Guitar
Elden Earhart – Guitar
Duke Besse – Bass Guitar
Sal Boemia – Drums

  1. “god” of High
  2. Ready to Rock
  3. New Day Divine
  4. On My Way
  5. Backslider
  6. So Clearly Seen
  7. Destroyer

This is a band that I found giving their old music away for free download online. The tape above was for sale on eBay, so it is the only one that I know about. They have a lot more songs up for download than this one, so there might be other demos. They were also active from 1987 until 1992, so I would assume there are other tapes. The sound is kind of mix of power and commercial metal, with some speed metal influences as well. They have a Bloodgood cover up at the download site, which seems to be a big influence musically. They also have a Facebook page with some videos and pictures.

Two Pound Planet – Two Pound Planet

Two Pound Planet
Two Pound Planet
1990 (no label)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Tom Shaw – Guitar, trumpet, lead vocals
Jason Buss – Piano, organ, rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Jerry Chapman – Bass, harmonica, vocals
Jerry Finley – Drums, saxophone, vocals

Jonathan Bennet – Cello on “After All”
Mitch Easter – Electric bee on “Bop Apocalypse”

Side 1:

  1. No Room
  2. After All
  3. One Time/Bop Apocalypse
  4. Spend Spend Spend

Side 2:

  1. 6 O’Clock News
  2. Day-Glo Dreams
  3. Now I Know
  4. Ricochet Radio

Any fan of Two Pound Planet will instantly recognize these songs and start singing along with them. These are the songs that were remastered, combined with others, and released as Songs From the Hydrogen Jukebox by Randy Layton’s Alternative Records. Other than the cover (there were apparently different color and non-color versions of it) and the mix, there is nothing different about this demo. This was apparently released in a very small window of time after the band changed their name from Urban Edge, but before the Alternative Records release. And we are all glad that Alternative did, because we may have not heard the sweet, sweet music contained on this tape. Power pop / alternative rock / catchy as all get out music that deserved wider airplay than it received. Fans of the bands know this, but in case any readers don’t, this was produced by Mitch Easter (yes, THE Mitch Easter).

Go Vertical – Go Vertical

Go Vertical
Go Vertical
1990 (no label)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Patrick Pierce – Vocals
Michael Stitzel – Guitars
Mark Richards – Drums
Teri Stitzel – Backing Vocals

Keith Darwin – Bass tracks

  1. Go vertical
  2. Secret Garden
  3. Chosen
  4. Hung the Moon
  5. Walking Shoes

Despite the name of the band sounding kind of stadium rock-ish, I thought the cover looked like a pretty cool alternative rock band, and it turned out I was right. The guitars are a bit louder and more distorted than your average 80s modern rock band, so my guess is that this band was cutting edge 90s alt rock before it really took off in the mainstream. Also have to give them credit for maximized use of space on a single panel J-card – all details, lyrics, and even scripture references on both sides of one panel, where most bands barely just get the credits. Don’t know if they recorded anything else before or after this, but I certainly hope something shows up.

Driver – Driver EP

Driver EP
1990 Worldwide Records
Somersville, Connecticut, USA

Rob Rock – Vocals
Roy Z – Guitars
Emil Brando – Bass
Bill Zappa – Drums

Greg Shultz – Keyboards
Reynold Carlson – Drums

  1. Warrior
  2. Heart’s on Fire
  3. Only Love Can Save Me Now
  4. Fly Away
  5. I Believe in Love

Finally got this one to transfer. The tape would start out fine, but then began to drag and finally stop by the third song. This just happens with old tapes – they sit too long in storage and things get stuck. Sometimes they are lost forever, other times they just need to get back in shape. After about 4 listens, I got to where I could listen to the first four songs on side 1 and the last two songs on side 2 with no problems. A few more listens and it would probably all be fine, but I only need one good transfer of each of the five songs. Anyways, this is one of the top tier metal demos, as Rob Rock and company were at the top of their game here. I don’t think they ever really came down from that level, either. These songs have gone on to be re-recorded by Rock’s various bands and solo projects – some a few times. Elite power/commercial metal hybrid that should have been huge. I don’t think this was ever meant as a “Christian” project per se, but Rock’s Christian beliefs comet through in all his music, meaning this tape and his other music often made their way into many Christian metal head collections.

Jo Carter – More Than Meets the Eye

Jo Carter
More Than Meets the Eye
1990 (no label)
Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Jo Carter – All vocals, keyboards
Rob Smith – Guitars
Darren Hills – Bass
John Waller – Drums

Bruce Allan – Saxophone
Phillip Hartl – Violin
Steve Gilfillan – Drum programming
Jeff Todd – Drum programming

Side 1:

  1. Always
  2. Someone Like You
  3. Without You
  4. In My Heart
  5. Leave Our Children Alone

Side 2:

  1. Poor Johnny
  2. Written on His Face
  3. There is Hope
  4. Time is Running Out
  5. From the Soul

The first track kind of comes across like a Shelley Rodgers track – adult pop or the various names for mellow music played by musicians that put a bit more jazz proficiency into the songs rather than the typical pop simplicity. Then the second track kicks into a prog/hard rock-ish level. It’s still pop, but there is a darkness to it that rockers will like. The thing is, each song starts off like a piano ballad, before changing after the intro. Someone quickly previewing each song might totally miss all of this. Maybe that explains the album title? There are several songs that are slower ballads, so overall this is still a pop album. There is just more in there to some of the songs that, well, first meets the eye. “Poor Johnny” and “Time is Running Out” are other rockers that you don’t see coming.

Luke Hurley – First Civilian

Luke Hurley
First Civilian
1990 (no label)
New Zealand

Luke Hurley – Lead vocals, guitar
Nigel Gavin – Classical guitar, bass, Lead guitar, vocals
Kath Tait – Backing vocals
Tony Bracanov – Second guitar

Side 1:

  1. Lord of the Jungle
  2. Greenfields
  3. Precious Time
  4. New York to Paris
  5. Touching Sight – No One is Good

Side 2:

  1. First Civilian
  2. I Could Conquer You
  3. Kyrie Eleison / Follow Me
  4. Rock ‘n Roll to Soul
  5. Not Easy to Tune
  6. History’s Refrain

So the cover of this looks kind of like it would be Americana Rock similar to Rick Elias. But the tape comes from New Zealand, so that is probably not the case. This is really folk music that sounds like acoustic Aussie Rock – its Luke and acoustic guitar for most tracks. It is some pretty intricate guitar work, so it never gets boring if you are into that kind of thing. It also appears from the liner notes that other people added their guitar skills to the recording. The explanation for the title track is pretty sad, as it refers to the first civilian into space that dies when the Challenger died. It is also a full band song. It seems that Luke has had many other releases before and after this tape we well.