DuBeel – Box-O-Rox

1990 Medical Records
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Mary DuBeel Beaghan – Lead vocals
Michael Shawn Tyrrell – Guitar
Chris Thom – Bass, vocals, programming
Thomas Mark Beaghan – Drums, concussion

Side 1:

  1. Walkin the Fine Line
  2. Dirty Little Lies
  3. Big Boys
  4. Father’s Eyes

Side 2:

  1. Golgotha
  2. Live Forever
  3. On Fire
  4. Don’t Throw It Away
  5. Take My Heart

DuBeel, that used to go by Dubiel, is apparently named after the lead singer, who at some point married the drummer, or maybe was all along? I guess the “i” was causing some problem, so they changed it to an “e”? Anyways, if you thought Ransom would sound cool if they went for a more Sunset Strip sound, then that is what you have found here. Mary Dubeel has the power house female vocals that were somewhat rare at the time, but the band steers more towards Sunset Strip metal than commercial or traditional metal. It makes for a good combination if you ask me. Another band that should have gotten signed back in the day but didn’t. They haad several demos before this one, the most recent being 1989’s Yeah!. Not sure if they recorded anything after this.

Double Edged – Devil Destroyers

Double Edged
Devil Destroyers
1990? (no label)
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Mike Brown – Lead vocals, bass
Larry Hahs – Lead guitar
Jeames McElroy – Guitars, vocals on “Waste of Time”
Eddie Kuhn – Drums

R. Boyd – All keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Bloody Promise
  2. No Trouble
  3. Devil Destroyers

Side 2:

  1. Waste of Time
  2. Early Grave
  3. Let My People Go

So after taking a few guesses with this band’s last demo (their second demo), this one shows up and answers a few questions. They also get a significant upgrade in recording quality as well, which really helps the underlying songs to shine. They rock out somewhere between traditional metal and some AC/DC-ish party metal. Four of the songs on here (“Bloody Promises,” “No Trouble,” “Devil Destroyers,” and “Early Grave”) were on their previous demo, but these are much superior versions here. No date on the release, but I guess 1990 based on a review White Throne magazine that would place it about there.

Missing Information: Is the release date correct?

Passage – Demo

1990 Independent

Scott Dale – Singer, guitars
Stacy Steele – Lead guitars
John Welch – Bass guitar
Robby Dale – Drums

Side 1:

  1. If You Believe
  2. Don’t Walk Alone

Side 2:

  1. Between the Lines
  2. Interview

So this tape might look like generic rock based on the cover, but the first song blasts some heavy traditional power metal right in your face. Maybe even borderline speed or neoclassical. Of course, this style of metal was kind of out even in the head-banging circles by 1990, but I do remember there were a good number of fans that stuck with this even as other metalheads chased the trends. They do this style well for those that want to rock. Not sure if they did anything before or after this demo.

Missing Information: Need a better scan of the covers.

Hidden Faces – Promotional Single

Hidden Faces
Promotional Single
1990 Independent
Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania, USA

Side 1:

  1. Skin Deep

Side 2:

  1. Free to See
  2. I Believe

So this is basically three songs from two of their demos. I don’t know if this came out before their 1990 6 Song Demo, or afterwards. It has one song from their first demo (“Skin Deep,” the heaviest track on that release), and then two from 6 Song Demo (“Free to See” and “I Believe”). They seem to be the same versions of the songs from the other demo, so this was either a preview single between the two that previewed the new sound, or a sampler of their favorite songs released after the 1990 demo. Or it was a single from their first demo with two unreleased songs (at the time)?

Missing Information: Who played what on this tape?

St. Warren – Demo

St. Warren
1990 (no label)
Tampa, Florida, USA

Brij St. Warren – Lead Vocals
Brad St. Warren – Guitars, vocals
Jeff Alan McDonald – Guitars, vocals
Jimmy Moore – Drums

  1. Lisa
  2. The Fight Goes On
  3. I’ve Been Dreamin’
  4. Only You
  5. Key to My Heart
  6. Waiting for Tomorrow
  7. Finally
  8. Edenrock – Rock the Hell Out of You
  9. Edenrock – Everyone Wants to Make It to Heaven

St. Warren plays a late 80s brand of commercial metal that was all over the airways from 89-90 – right before grunge killed it all. If you remember bands like Danger Danger, Hericane Alice, Firehouse, etc – they fit in that general area of commercial metal. Brothers Brij and Brad Warren started St. Warren after they were in Edenrock, which the copy of this demo I was sent included two of their songs as well. Apparently they are now doing country music, which might seem strange but is pretty common from what I have heard. The Edenrock songs are a bit more traditional metal than the St. Warren songs. I’d even say there is a strong early Stryper influence in the second Edenrock track.

Missing Information: Need a better scan of the covers.

Hidden Faces – 6 Song Demo

Hidden Faces
6 Song Demo
1990 (no label)
Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania, USA

Side 1:

  1. Further Hill
  2. Free to See
  3. I Believe

Side 2:

  1. Face in the Street
  2. Open Your Heart
  3. Keep a Secret

This is (probably) the second demo by Hidden Faces. There is also a 1990 three song Promotional Single that has two songs from this and 1 song from their last demo, so it could have been released before this one. Or maybe after. But I will get to it next either way. The bands transition away from power pop to alternative rock is apparent from the first track. They display a distinct U2 influence, kind of a mix of “Red Hill Mining Town” and the new songs from Rattle and Hum. They aren’t an exact clone of U2, but you hear the influence there. All traces of power pop from their last demo are gone, but they pull off quite an impressive demo. No j-card with this one, so I don’t know who is still a part of the band at this time. After this, they released a demo called Rec’d Room in 1991.

Missing Information: who played on this?

Gloria – 2000 Years

2000 Years
1990 (no label)
Seattle, Washington, USA

Lary Najar – Lead vocals, Guitar
Mike Bell – Keyboards, rhythm guitar, background vocals
Roy A. Farley – Bass, background vocals
Daniel Fairbanks – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Here Am I
  2. The Name
  3. Emmanuel

Side 2:

  1. Your Love
  2. Message
  3. Sleep

Another remastered re-issue from The Corral on Spin Cycle, another somewhat overlooked classic. Gloria was an early 90s alternative rock band that had Daniel Fairbanks of Soulfood 76 fame on drums. I think Bill Power was also briefly in the band, but I could be remembering that wrong. This tape apparently came with a Fearless Donkey card, so maybe it was Power that managed them? The style varies from song to song, but usually still stays within the alternative to heavier groovy alternative space. This may be the influence of Fairbanks, as it sounds a bit like Soulfood 76 at times to me.

Emit Ridge – Demo

Emit Ridge
1990 (no label)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Derrik Iddison
Rob Lilley
Mike Weise
Marty Gast
Jay Doerksen

  1. I Fall Down
  2. Sacred Friend
  3. Hold On
  4. Under the Son

This is the same Emit Ridge that released Undivided Soul in 1996 for Light Records.  It’s hard to read the copyright date on this tape, but I think it says 1990. Which means there is a bunch of time between this demo and their label debut. The sound here is kind of a mellow-leaning jangly alternative rock with a slight roots rock feeling here and there. “Hold On” is kind of their rock out moment, as well as a great standout track. It doesn’t appear that any of the songs here made it on to their 1996 album, which has a louder, almost grunge-y sound at times. I would guess that there are other demos after this one.

Jeremy Morris – Vintage Jam

Jeremy Morris
Vintage Jam
1990 JAM Records
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Jeremy Morris – Vocals, 12-string guitar, 6-string guitar, synthesizer, effects, piano, bass

John Nadelin – Drums on Side One
Bill Morris – Trumpet solo on “Cry, Cry, Cry”

Side 1:

  1. Looking Into the Light
  2. Emmanuel
  3. The Greatest Story Ever Told
  4. Circles
  5. Dark Clouds
  6. Technicolor Nightmare
  7. Yes, You’ll Know

Side 2:

  1. Road to Heaven
  2. Wandering Star
  3. Cry, Cry, Cry
  4. The World is Falling Down
  5. Lonely Girl
  6. All Right, OK
  7. Nobody Like You
  8. Once I Heard You Call My Name
  9. The Scarecrow
  10. Hold Me Close

Morris has dozens and dozens of tapes, records, and CDs that have been released through the years. They are typically longer albums that cover various styles of rock, classic rock, and other forms of garage rock. Sometimes they are instrumental, sometimes they have vocals. This particular tape has vocals, and seems to focus on various classic rock styles. There are nods to everything from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Pink Floyd to a whole range of classic rock bands, so whether you like various songs will depend on how much you like the various bands. But there are some cool songs in there for those that want to explore. The songs were recorded between 1978-1980, but the copyright date says 1990. I’m not sure if this is a re-issue of an older album, or the first issue of some older unreleased songs.

Sojourn – Sojourn

1990 (no label)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Rich Colligan – Lead vocals, background vocals, guitars
Scott Stivers – Lead vocals, background vocals, percussion
Jim Dudley – Background vocals, keyboards
Don Kahl – Background vocals, bass guitar
Jill Stivers – Background vocals

Side 1:

  1. I Am
  2. You Will Be With Me
  3. Here I Stand
  4. Come to the Waterfall
  5. Welcome Love
  6. There’s More

Side 2:

  1. I Found Love
  2. New Tomorrow
  3. Mercy for the Memories
  4. High on a Hill
  5. Discipleship Rap

The cover makes it look like you are in for a really cheesy ride with this tape. But then the first song is… kind of prog rock-ish? Still pop rock, but you would swear they are leaning towards Kansas. But that is hard to reconcile with the cover, so maybe I am imagining that? Or maybe not, since there is a Kerry Livgren cover on side 2. In fact, there are three cover songs on side 2. But the rest of the tape jumps back and forth between prog-ish pop rockers and rock ballads. Several ballads, actually. “I Found Love” is a Lone Justice cover, “Mercy for the Memories” is a Geoff Moore song, and “High on a Hill” is the Livgren track. “Discipleship Rap” is also a cover (not sure who of, though), and yes, it is a rap song. Too many bands took this ill-advised route back in the day. But it appears this song is still around on BandCamp in different forms. This demo was followed by Where You Are in 1991.