My Little Dog China – Eggshells EP

My Little Dog China
Eggshells EP
1993 (no label)
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Kevin Clay – Lead vocals, guitars
Mike Belfield – Bass
Jason House – Drums, vocals, percussion, radio

Sean Sweeney – Bongos on “See the Man Fall”

Side 1:

  1. Why?
  2. Listen
  3. Spirit of Good Things

Side 2:

  1. Eggshells
  2. See the Man Fall

Loud, fuzzy, and raucous. If you thought those three words described My Little Dog China’s debut CD The Velvis Carnival well, then you get even more of that on their demo. All of the songs on this demo were re-recorded for The Velvis Carnival except for “Spirit of Good Things,” but the versions of their songs on this demo are more raw. This tape has been cleaned up and re-issued on CD and digitally a few times, but I think hearing it on tape is really the way it should be heard. MLDC released a few more albums throughout the years, while lead singer Kevin Clay went solo and released several albums under his name or other monikers he created. He currently works under the name Sountracks for Wasted Youth, and you can find this ep on his current BandCamp.


Seventh Sign – 3 Song EP

Seventh Sign
3 Song EP
1993 (no label)
Phelan, California, USA

Brenda Barnett – Vocals
Dave Enos – All Guitars, Background Vocals
Paul Brecht – Bass
Robert Reilly – Drums

  1. Eye of the Storm
  2. Mercy
  3. He Remembers

Wow – some pretty top quality heavy metal here. There are slight touches of progressive and power metal here and there, but they seem to keep the music in the traditional heavy metal zone for the most part. The lead singer has some power house vocals as well. It seems there were at least three other demos before this one, but I have not heard those yet. Hopefully they turn up some day, as I would love to hear more from this band.

Glenn Rowlands – Under the Desert Moon

Glenn Rowlands
Under the Desert Moon
1993 Floppy Fish Records
San Bernadino, California, USA

Glenn Rowlands – Vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, xylophone, Big Bird, rain stick, bamboo flute, some percussion

Ron McClure – Drums on “Holding On,” “Under the Desert Moon,” and “Losing a Friend”
Deanna Quillman – Backing vocals on “Losing a Friend”
Robert Powell – Drums on “Help Me Understand,” “Rain on Me,” and “I Don’t Have Anything”

Side 1:

  1. Help Me Understand
  2. Everything is OK
  3. Holding On
  4. Reign on Me
  5. Under the Desert Moon
  6. Somebody Done Ya Wrong

Side 2:

  1. Jesus Wept
  2. My Boy
  3. I Wait for Your Rain
  4. Someday
  5. I Don’t Have Anything
  6. In the City
  7. Losing a Friend

This has been another high priority tape for me for a while. I actually used to own this tape, but then it disappeared. I didn’t sell it, so someone must have walked off with it. Anyways, Rowlands is the guitarist for thrash / hardcore / death metal band Wicked’s End. This was his solo debut that shocked quite a few people that didn’t realize band members could have diverse tastes. The main influence here is classic rock from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles. I liked it back in the day, and it still holds up today. It is DIY and rough in places, but that is part of the charm. About half of the sings (“Everything is OK,” “Reign on Me,” “Somebody Done Ya Wrong,” “Jesus Wept,” “My Boy,” “Someday,” and “I Don’t Have Anything”) were re-recorded / updated for Rowlands’ 1994 CD Time Will Tell. The rest were left on this tape. Also of note is that Wicked’s End drummer Robert Powell joined Rowlands on a few songs, as did Towne Cryer drummer Ron McClure.

John R. Williamson – Canvas of Blue

John R. Williamson
Canvas of Blue
1993 Sonic Hope Records
Claremont, California, USA

John R. Williamson – Vocals, guitars, other instruments?

Chad Edmunson – Vocals on “Where Did the Doctor Go?”
David Finley – Vocals on “Where Did the Doctor Go?”
Eric Paulsen – Strumming and croaking on “A Humdrum Conundrum,” boost guitar on “Chess With Death”
Michael Knepher – Strumming and croaking on “A Humdrum Conundrum”
Korby Paulsen – Drums on “Temecula”

Side 1:

  1. Danish Straightjacket
  2. Bigger Than Blue
  3. Our Guilt-Ridden Alchemist
  4. Chess With Death
  5. Where Did the Doctor Go?
  6. Temecula
  7. A Humdrum Conundrum

Side 2:

  1. Juggler Treading Water
  2. Captivity
  3. Move It Along
  4. Arise
  5. Sarah and Abraham
  6. Landing in a Family
  7. Testimony in the Mother Tongue

This is one of several recordings by Williamson on Sonic Hope Records, the same label home as Robert Deeble of Days Like These fame. As one would guess, this is acoustic folk music, but with a more noticeable rock ‘n roll sensibility in that there is more percussion and upright bass than you usually find on these types of albums. Also some more electric guitar here and there. There is kind of a rollicking Hee-Haw-ish groove underneath some of the songs, but with Williamson doing something more like acoustic Indie rock over the top. Which makes for a more interesting listen across the whole album than it would be if he was just doing the acoustic singer/songwriter thing for a dozen or so songs. The cover is actually a near full page color laser-printer printed page, folded to the size and shape of a j-card.

Rachel’s Asylum – Choke EP

Rachel’s Asylum
Choke EP
1993 (no label)

Dave – Vocals
Billy – Lead Guitars & BGV
Mike – Rhythm Guitar
Kirk – Bass
Alan – Drums

  1. Choke
  2. Asylum
  3. Room
  4. Getting Over Emma

Pretty cool EP here. This came from a digital trade, so I don’t have a scan of the cover. The image above is from an old eBay auction. This is some pretty aggressive and heavy alternative rock. It would almost be metal with a few stylistic changes here and there. The vocals remind me of another band that I can’t place right now, but they are of the slightly strained/screeching type that was common around this time. Not sure if this band did any more than this demo, especially since the eBay auction I got the information from just had first names of the band members. Too bad if they didn’t.

Missing Information: band members’ last names, full cover scans

Jude – Less Than a Demo

Less Than a Demo
1993 Hamus Records

Andrew Marshall – Vox, guitars
Kelly Taylor – Bass, vox
Cliff Hutchison – Drums

  1. Realize
  2. At the Door
  3. Song of Need
  4. The Meaning of This
  5. Who Do You Love
  6. Chloe
  7. Hemingway

Well, the tape title does warn you about this demo. How bad could it be if even the band thought it was “less than a demo’? To be honest, it’s not as bad as the name implies. The sound quality is pretty rough. But I have heard worse – at least you can hear various instruments in the muddy mix here. Sound-wise, this is DIY alternative rock, so there are many rough edges. But I think I would have checked this band out if they were put in a studio and released a fully-produced album. Of course, the mix does make it a bit hard to tell if they are going for grunge or grunge-leaning alternative rock. Probably the grunge-leaning kind. Not sure if they did anything else before or after this tape – nothing I can find.

Frank’s Enemy – Qoheleth

Frank’s Enemy
1993 Not Silent (NS5)
Miami, Florida

Julio Rey – Guitar, Lead vocals
Marc Golob – Bass, vocals
Alex A – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Link Line
  2. Man, You Made a Lonely World
  3. You are God

Side 2:

  1. Reasons to Say No
  2. Destroy
  3. I Think
  4. We’re Recording Ourselves

Frank’s Enemy is a bit hard to describe – they are definitely an extreme metal band, but there are grind elements, death elements, punk elements, experimental elements, funk elements, hardcore elements, and so on. This was their third demo, the last one before they released their full-length self-titled album. In fact, most of the songs on here made it onto that album. Frank’s Enemy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy the weirdness and intensity of what they do here. “Destroy” is also a cover of The Lead, and for those that didn’t know, Julio Rey was/is in The Lead (since they are now releasing new music). Also, the last two tracks I have listed on side two are not listed on the tape J-card. The first one is an early demo of “I Think” with Julio on lead vocals (it was later re-recorded on Neoblasphemies with female lead vocals). The other one is really just the band in the studio goofing off, talking about copy right law and how they are recording themselves.